A Poem by Evaaa

A gripping poem of a wealthy girl who suffers at the hands of a tutor her parents employed. He will do anything to mold this girl into a prized maiden and it's written in his POV.


Straighten your shoulders, my lady.
Why dips thou fair maiden
under the weight of such simple chords?
Why is sorrow's seal upon thy brows?
What has a babe like you to ponder
than buying quaint eloquent dresses
and complimenting your beauty
with the finest pearls?

Hasn't everything been graciously placed at your sweet feet?
Quell your temper then or I'll pinch your lips
and let fear render you obedient.

Must I say this again, madam:
Straighten your shoulders
and now pick up your violin.
You are of a long legacy of fine musicians.
Carry your family name!
Surpass your mother!
Transcend your brother!

How dare you have worries?
Is there any peril you can name
that your wealth can't swallow?
Why then do you contort your face
so blessed by youth in anguish?

Have I not given you lessons peasants
would paw at my feet to attain
in hopes of status?
Did I not raise you to be modest and of stature?
Have I not placed you higher than any friend you could desire?

You fresh blossom, should find no delight in lowly creatures as that Monica and Mandy
when you have the great works of Monet by your bed and Manet adorning the window.

So play that song again
and of course again
and yes again.
Until blood dribbles from your tiny fingers
and you're remade into your most perfect self.
Remember you are only what I've been paid to make you.

Don't mind those blistered fingers.
I'll run them under boiling water at the end of the day.
I'll break you so nicely the world won't have to.
So tell me...mhm...what else could you possibly want?

What is the story behind your sighs?
Is it I that has failed?
Is it that when I depart from you and return unto my kin
you dash aside my teachings
so that when I return,
we're at the beginning again?

Must I slay my family and join yours?
As you will it, my lady,
then so shall it be.
I'll slay you too.
I'll flush your insolence
and rob your secrets for myself.
Make you a supple, little puppet
and finally present your family
a respectable pet.

© 2020 Evaaa

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Added on June 21, 2020
Last Updated on June 21, 2020
Tags: Adult, Dark, Childhood, Wealth, Pain



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A Poem by Evaaa


A Poem by Evaaa