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A Story by EveThreshold

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."

"In other news, 3 people died in a robbery two nights ago. Two parents and a 5 year old boy, leaving alone an 18 year old girl, her name has not been given, but the victims names were. We read into it and actually got her name. She went missing though, and so did the man who robbed the house. The three died from gun wounds. The woman, shot five times, and reports say she bled to death. The Older male died instantly after being shot in the head. The small boy wasnt shot, he was drowned in the bathtub, after being fed what looked like dishwasher detergent. We hope, and prey for the safety and sanity of the young girl who had to come home to her family dead."

The only sounds that could be heard were the small splashing of her feet in the puddles and the harsh, continuous sound of the dragging, heavy, blunt object on the pavement. Her lips were curled and twisted in an evil grin; growing even larger when she saw the man bound to the seat with ratchet straps.

“Webs are works of art,” She sneers after hitting the front of the vehicle slightly. The man looks up with a confused look. She chuckles, slowly walking to the open window. She leans in and takes off the gag in his mouth.

“Webs are works of art, but they can also be tangled.”

“Please, don’t… I-I did what I had to do...”

“Please.” She rolled her eyes and lifted the sledgehammer, smashing it into the hood of the car, then in the side, instantly killing him. She laughed and got into the passenger side, wrapping a slender arm around her victim, the spider queens won.

She heard a cry, almost like a bird chirp, and looked over, seeing the man’s wife. A small blue jay flew past the scene, as the car began to get hot, and she watched the woman. The lighter in her hand had touched the ground, making a small line of fire form in the trail of gasoline. The car slowly started to burn, and the blue jay who had flew past landed on the wife’s shoulder.

© 2013 EveThreshold

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This is very good, but cryptic. It is difficult to decypher just how these thing relate to each other, but the writing is good enough that it makes me seek the answer between the lines. It is well done, but there seems to be just a little bit of spacial confusion, and it is unclear how the woman killed the man. If he were strapped to the seat in the car the airbags would not have killed him... just how did he end up dead?

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 21, 2013
Last Updated on September 21, 2013
Tags: Web, lies, deciet, murder, mystery, spider, bird, sparrow, fire, die



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A Story by EveThreshold