A Poem by Evelyn

My feet may be walking backwards
they may be very still
either way the wrinkles do show
forwards or backwards I'll not escape
You may love who I've become
you may adore who I still am
you'll never know my battles won
nor will you know what I have lost
you'll not know any of it because
your brows will furrow in disgust
I have tried to soldier on
swinging my sword from side to side
for every monster that I slay
there are thousands more that follow behind
As the years go by
as my carelessness defeats
every healthy nerve in my body
for a simple life I'll not resist
know that every hour spent
is in a job that pays the rent
in this life that I possess
that I've no reason to detest
I shall smile upon request
by the sun that shall indeed rise
I am grateful for every moment
though the mask be my disguise
Take this laugh that I deliver
take these hands that offer you help
take this heart that loves you dearly
for it loves you more than itself
Take this gold that I must work for
to ensure you're far from pain
Although I, too, fall into the spiral
of this materialistic game
I don't need to work for years
to know that I do not belong
I shall sing until the Grim announces
that this shall be my final song
I will tell you what you want to hear
I will nod and I will agree
and every moment that is mine
I shall battle misery
Why do I feel the need to please everyone but me?
I will take note of your remarks
I'll disregard your superior ways
I will hold on to the dream
where I am writing everyday
I've no need of your approval
if I must ensure I will
though a woman of survival
such a life will surely kill

© 2017 Evelyn

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Added on July 8, 2017
Last Updated on July 8, 2017




I respect all. I write what I feel and whether you like it or not is irrelevant more..

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