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Version One

Version One

A Chapter by Noah Scott

This one doesn't have the sister.

"Nikki, please forgive me for what I'm about to do." My last words.
The last thing I remember was staring over the edge of my school building, watching as the ground got closer. The Breeze was nice, just enough to muffle the screams of everyone watching. Though they weren't all that convincing anyway. Nobody really cared what happened to me. They hated my guts, and at the moment, so did I.

My name was Hali, a girls name, I know, but I look enough like one, so people didn't care at first. But, once I hit middle school, everything changed.
I had one friend who was always there for me, I saw him scream when I jumped. The only regret I had about leaving was leaving him alone.
I'm sorry Nikki. You're the only friend I ever had. So please Nikki, please don't jump in after me.
That's the only reason I'm still stuck here. Since my only regret was leaving him behind, I'm here, watching over him.
"Hali, why'd you leave me here?" He's said this every day since my death. "HALI, YOU IDIOT!"
He's sitting in one corner of his room, "I'm sorry." though, of course, he doesn't hear me, "I'm sorry I left, but please don't come after me." Now I'm crying, crouching by his side, hopeing, praying that he listens to me. "Hali, please come back. It's lonely without a friend."
"I would if I could Nikki, I really would. I'm sorry I did this to you."
The next day at school, there was a new transfer student. Her name was Sam, another darksider to add to the recently diminished population at Crestridge. As it was, before I died, me and Nik were two of the five in the school.
Sam had white hair that went to her chin and covered her eyes. Her eyes were interesting. Even though they were generally covered, you could still see them. One of them was purple and the other one was silver. She looked like the rest of the darksiders, dressed from head to toe in black, big, heavy boots, and loads of black makeup and peircings.
Another interesting thing about her, was that she looked right at me. Not through me or next to me. Right at me.
"Can you see me?" Her only response was, "Shh, they might hear me talking to you."
She did see me. "Can I just ask you something then?" She nodded, "Did you see the boy behind you? I need you to tell him something for me." She nodded again, "Tell him that Hali's sorry. That I didn't want to leave him behind, and that I don't want him to die too."
"If you want, you can come with me so I can just tell him everything you say exactly." she said. "Of course, thank you."
"Nik?" she asked, walking up to him. "Yeah? What do you want?" With every word, his eyes saddened and felt unresponsive. "Your friend Hali wants me to tell you that he's sorry. Sorry for leaving you behind, and that he wants you to stay safe." As she said this, something in his eyes changed.
"What did you just..." before he could finish speaking, he stood and started walking away, but she followed after him. "No wait, I-"
"Get away from me!" his voice was cold and unfamiliar, I'd never seen him like this before. "Hali's..." before he could continue, he started choking on sobs, falling to his knees.
"Nikki." I rushed to his side, wanting so desperately to help him. "Please Nikki, listen to her." I said pleadingly, resting my head on his. "Remember the last time we cried together? It was back when we were being tormented freshman year. People were taking it to far, so we ran and hid."
What I hadn't realized was that Sam had been repeating everything I had been saying. "Ha-Hali?" Nikki asked, "Hali, why'd you leave?" fresh tears were forming in the corners of his eyes.
"I was tired of people tormenting you because you were my friend. Nikki, I'm sorry I left, but I couldn't do it any more." All the while, Sam was repeating me, telling him everything that I said.
"How do you think I felt? Sure, people were tormenting me, but I had my best friend to help me through it. But now you're gone, Hali. I can't hear you or see you, or touch you. I can't stay here if I'm alone."
"No. No, don't you dare give up like I did. I couldn't stand to watch you kill yourself." I cried, so desperately wanting to hold his hand. "I hate not being able to touch you right now, right when we both need it most."
"Why did you really jump?" Nikki asked, his expression unwavering.
"hmp Nothing gets past you, does it?" I asked, realizing he would ask this sooner or later. "I had no choice. It was either suicide, or my mom. She'd already hurt me pretty bad that morning. I wanted the daily agony to end."
The morning of my death, my mother had been in one of her moods, so she did what she always did, she took it out on me. By the time I'd left for school, I had a black eye, broken ribs, and cuts and bruises all over my body. Some of the cuts were so bad that they soaked my shirt, but nobody noticed since I always wore black.
My mother, like almost everyone at school, hated my guts. She had been a model, then along came me, the end of her career. She was always anger after she lost her job, so dad got tired of it and left when I was four. She blamed me for everything. When dad left, so did my security. I'm just surprized I lasted as long as I did.
That's why I wore black, to hide the blood. Not like anyone but Nikki would have noticed, or even cared what happened to me.
But the time I'd made it to the roof I'd gotten dizzy, almost to dizzy to stand up. I'd heard my blood hit the pavement before I even jumped, and I'd felt his touch after I had. He was crouched over my limp body, crying, asking why I'd done it, before I slipped into the darkness.
"You could've stayed with me you know." Nikki started, breaking the silence.
"You know your mom hates me as much as anyone else." Reminding him of the last time I'd gone over to his house. She chased me out of the house with a broom, making me stumble backwards off the porch onto the sidewalk below. She thought that I was a bad influence on him. That I was trying to steal him away from her. She never really believed that I was a boy. Then again, no one really did. Even my mom, but let's face it, she doesn't care at all any way.

© 2012 Noah Scott

Author's Note

Noah Scott
There might be more.

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Added on January 25, 2012
Last Updated on January 31, 2012
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Noah Scott
Noah Scott

Minneapolis, MN

I'm Noah. I love writing, reading, and art. I write a lot of different genres, though mostly romance and horror as well as GLBT related stuff (interesting mix, I know). A lot of it is Transgender-rela.. more..

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