Don’t Pull Your Love Away

Don’t Pull Your Love Away

A Poem by FallenWingz

personal poem...part 2 of the previous one i wrote.


Don’t Pull Your Love Away


It’s like having all the pieces fitted

In the palm of your hands,

The long awaited urges

You encouraged yourself

To the grown that it would never happen.

You watch the person you surely

Without any doubt know

Is the one for you?

But you can’t have it all.

You can never seem to get to the happy ever after.

Your unbroken heart that you have healed over

The years, filling that empty spot

They once held in your heart.

You kept that place for them

That hopefully one day

You will mature enough

To say, “I Love You”

But you never thought about the effect

That love would have upon that person.

What would they do?

Would they accept or would they run.

You told yourself you wont run anymore.

But deep down you never expect them

To do it.

Don’t pull your love away from me.

I guess I never should have said anything.

I shouldn’t have open my mouth

And take my feelings with me to my grave.

But my heart wanted to let it out.

At least now I know where I stand.

That the love, the connection

We once shared aren’t available anymore.

There was too much pain between us.

To many memories filled with anger.

How could I expect that you would still love me?

At least I always thought that if one day

I get to see you again.

Il hold onto you and never let go,

But this time it’s the other way around.

Its time for me to close that door completely.

And braise myself for one day

Having you as my best friend again.

If I can’t have you, Il rather have you as my friend.


© 2011 FallenWingz

Author's Note

People change so does the love...just never thought i would lose my soulmate.

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Well penned emotions very beautifully written. Yep, tis very sweet.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was so sad. But you wrote beautifully.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Your words are magic as I read them one by one. Like candy they fill my mouth with flavor and I really wish I could mimic your style.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very beautifully written, and full of passion. You have a view on love that cannot be challenged, and the words here are full of pain and longing. Powerfull words

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was amazing, and so sad but you wrote it so beautifully.
♥ Ta'Shandra

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on August 12, 2011
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