Love story

Love story

A Story by (*Fallenarchanglez*)

In my Creative Writing class, we were told to make a love story. This is what I came up with.


Butterflies usually fly free in the endless fields, yet why have they found home in the confines of the stomach? Flitting around in colors, or rather shades of black and white, a shade of teal, flying in between, around and with the shades of white and black. Color added to this soft boring palette of routine, color added into life.

The stunning vibrance of teal hair and rich silver eyes, cutting deep into many dreams--no, one dream many many times. Those golden flecks in her eyes, her teal bangs fluffed up, yet still falling down into her eyes like a waterfall flowing down in her eyes dancing with the golden streaks in her eyes. The beauty of her entirety is angelic.

lips, the color of the coral of the sea, always laced with a smile or upturned in laughter. These coral lips naturally plush and filled with joy. Her laughter like a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day. The sweet and perfectly ripe Georgia peach taste of her kiss.

Her angelic voice is mesmerizing, her song purifying and the power of it all terrifying. She can talk for hours upon hours and never bore her listener. Many admire her, yet she favours none. Her voice is pure and they all know it.

Many things make her passionate: friends, family, lovers, music and ideals. this burning passion inside her awakens others and washes over them like the rush of adreneline after winning a hard-earned trophy, or in her case, a kiss or a laugh or her appreciation of when one is there for her whenever she may need.

With this fiery passion comes obsession. With this obsession comes envy. And with this envy comes the opposite of love and adoration: jealousy and rage. Many, many times she has been fawned over, and sometimes men take it too far, begging and trying to force her love upon them. The unhealthy obsession takes a hold of them and they lose sight of themselves.

© 2015 (*Fallenarchanglez*)

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Added on October 22, 2015
Last Updated on October 22, 2015
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Albany, OR

Fresh off the swing set with self esteem lower than my motivation to write. I'm now 18, but I'm still Wiccan and anxiety ridden. more..