A Story by Starr

The smell woke her up, her groggy mind moving even slower than her body as she wandered out of her room and up the steps, hand firmly on the banister. She yawned and moved into the light, letting her eyes adjust. As she began to push the kitchen door open, she saw the woman turn to her, a smile filled with adoration on her lips.

As she moved in, she stepped in something, and her eyes traveled down. Her feet were in a puddle of what could only be blood. Covering the floor were bodies, their faces empty and screaming and gashed, their skin mostly removed. They were piled by the table and piled by the stove, where the woman stood.

"I’ll clean up the mess after breakfast," The woman told her with a small laugh. "Sit down for now. We’re having bacon."

© 2014 Starr

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Added on March 22, 2014
Last Updated on March 22, 2014
Tags: bacon, short story, paragraph story, cannibalism




My name's Starr, I'm 17 and I love reading, writing, and performance. I like to get too involved in other people's characters and torture my own. I write (mainly disturbing) very short stories, and fa.. more..

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