Do You Believe in Life After Life?

Do You Believe in Life After Life?

A Story by Starr

"I can’t be dead," The girl said, hysterically. "I don’t- I don’t want to go!"

Death rolled his eyes. He’d heard this so many times it was getting cliche. Why couldn’t this have been one of those peaceful old person deaths where they don’t put up a fight? Then he could have gotten back so much faster and tried to kill his boredom instead. Not that there was all that much to do at home. Maybe talking her into going with him would be at least a little interesting.

"Listen," He told her, taking a step towards the girl, then moving back again when she scurried away. "you’re dead."

"But I don’t want to be dead!”

"I know, but you can’t just wish yourself into existence," He pointed out. "So you have to go. Come with me now, come with me in a year or two, you’re still dead."

"I can… I can wait?" She asked, hopefully.

"Uh, technically," Death told her. "but you’d be disembodied and unable to communicate and altogether really depressed and bored."

She was shaking, the blood from her midriff dripping and bouncing a little as she did, disappearing each time it tried to reach the ground. Her arms stretched around her body in a sad hug, uncomfortably positioned around the large pieces of glass embedded in her. Her eyes were focused on the ground.


He sighed, looking at the mess of a girl in front of him. One day he’d stop pitying these mortals and their tendency to die. “Come on, being dead isn’t all that bad. You get to see other dead people and watch your love ones and change your appearance and stuff. It’s not that big of a deal.”

She stayed silent, still looking at the ground, then her arms grew a little looser and her eyes moved up to look at him. “Am I going to Heaven?”

"That’s… a hard question to answer."


"But pretty much, yeah."

She bit her lip, indecision painted on her face. She played with her fringe, unsurely, with three fingers. “Do I… Do I have to go there? I mean… right away?”

"Actually," He said, with a half smile. "You don’t. There aren’t that many places to go, though. You could stick around with me if you really want to."

"With you?" She replied with wide eyes filled with both fear and excitement. "You mean… collecting souls?"

"It’s not all that interesting," He told her. "Do you want to tag along anyway? It can be a little better than socializing with people in the afterlife."

She thought for a moment. “….Yeah. I think I do. For, uh, how long?”

"As long as you want," He told her with a slight shrug.

She nodded, a small smile appearing on her lips. “Okay.”

"Alright, get in the car." Seeing her face, he quickly added, "Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. I mean we’re immortals in an immortal car, we’ll be fine."

He held open the door to the passengers seat and she climbed in. He got into the driver’s side and started it up. Slowly, he checked his list and began to drive.

"So…" She said. "What now?"

"What’s your name, again?" He asked.


"Have you ever played Would You Rather, Sadie?"

© 2014 Starr

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I often think of death and what life is in the after life. Well done I like the way you thi

Posted 10 Years Ago

I really love how you portrayed Death! I always read about how Death is always the monster, but i like this kind of perspective on it where Death isn't the bad person anymore. It's just so creative!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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My name's Starr, I'm 17 and I love reading, writing, and performance. I like to get too involved in other people's characters and torture my own. I write (mainly disturbing) very short stories, and fa.. more..

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