Story concept

Story concept

A Story by Justin Miller

Just an idea

A small town, so quiet, never to be bothered and never to bother. Everyone here knows the town and each other like the back of their hands. This is where you go for comfort, this is where you find peace, Ashland. Until a normal day takes a turn for the worst. A commercial airliner filled with passengers of every background of families to business travelers, crash lands in a field on the edge of town. The plane diving into the ground bursting into flames turns heads immediately in Ashland, requiring immediate on the scene first responders. Emergency services on the scene find a horrific view of crushed metal on fire, but there is one thing missing. No passengers are scrambling for their lives to get out of the plane. Further on the scene investigation reveals the fact that their is not a single human body on the plane at all. With the little quiet town of Ashland spiraling into chaos in mystery, in the midst of widespread international media coverage, can the people of Ashland bear the rush of thrill this plane has brought them, and better yet, can the mystery of the missing people of the commercial airliner be solved.

© 2015 Justin Miller

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Added on July 31, 2015
Last Updated on July 31, 2015


Justin Miller
Justin Miller

Dallas, TX

I am big into lyricism and I love hardcore music. more..