A Chapter by Scarlett

This is one memory I have of a nice time, slightly exaggerated and dramatised.

I don't want attention.
I don't worship satan.
I'm not suicidal.
I'm not following a trend.
I'm not wierd.
I just cope differently

“Oh, no, no, no, baby!” the mother cried as she frantically wiped the dirt from her daughter’s face.
“I told you she liked the taste…” exclaimed the proud little girl, struggling to stifle a cheeky snigger as her sister’s hands were smothering in wet-wipes.
“I know, honey, I just didn’t realise she’s French” the mother replies, finding more snail shell on the pink dress.
The little lady continued rescuing Mountain Barbie from the dangerous mud pit, and joined her dad in the living room. Flicking through the Argos catalogue, her dad asked ‘Are you sure you don’t want a more…girly present this year?”
“No!” came the stern reply. “I want race cars just like Debbie. She’s only two, all she does is eat them, but I’ll teach her how to play properly.”
“That’s my girl,” replied her daddy as she curled up on his lap.

“…Happy birthday to you!”
“Make a wish!” someone shouted as she blew out all five sparkly candles, giggling as one by one the re-lit themselves, flickering in the spring breeze. The green in her dominantly green eyes sparkled with the glee every five year old should experience on their birthday. She opened up every present that was handed to her �" a face painting set, a sticker making machine, a new summer top to go with the matching summer skirt, Disney jewellery, colouring pens, and a nice new rose face and hand cream set, to make her feel like the young lady she was. She watched as her friends contemplated whether to be happy for her, or jealous of her perfect birthday. They settled for happiness as soon as the CD player started with the party pop songs, and the bubble machine blew shiny circles into the air.
“You having fun, sweetheart?” asked a familiar voice behind her. As she turned around to see both parents smiling down at her, she thought about her family, including her younger sister coating her tiny hands in icing, her friends as they danced in the back garden, chatting excitably, and her luck at being able to experience such things, and gave in to the huge grin that took over her beaming face.

© 2010 Scarlett

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Added on August 26, 2010
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Coventry (near), Warwickshire / West Midlands, United Kingdom

I'm 21, from London originally, now Coventry, with a fiance and a 3 year old daughter. I haven't written anything of any substance or significance in the last 3 1/2 years, but maybe by going over my p.. more..

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