Violence -- Not Love -- Is The Overwhelmingly Predominant Force   At Work Within Our Universe

Violence -- Not Love -- Is The Overwhelmingly Predominant Force At Work Within Our Universe

A Story by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Philosophical thoughts on the reality of Life ...


Violence -- Not Love --

Is The Overwhelmingly Predominant Force

At Work Within Our Universe

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Copyright © 2021 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Flynn de Graham

All Rights Reserved

An Article of Highly Opinionated Speculative Conjecture

Violence, not Love, is the overwhelmingly predominant force at work within our Universe. Now, why would I make such a controversial statement, when it is so easy to believe otherwise? Please do allow me a brief moment of your time as I attempt to explain that which I have come to believe is shamefully eye gouging obvious, yet, is ever so well hidden right before our eyes as though, in fact, we have been mentally conditioned to not see the forest for all the many leafy trees.

An opening introductory, but simple, example? If our Universe came about as the result of a Big Bang, such a spontaneous event had to have been, both, sudden and violent. But let's settle down to Earth and see what else we may discover there.

Early on in our lives here on planet Earth, we are each indoctrinated via teachings regarding certain basic and commonly accepted truths about this world around us and how it operates in regards to our fragile human lives. We are taught that there is an, often, unseen war going on between good and evil and that, ultimately, good will win because it is adamantly asserted that good always wins out over evil in time of eventuality -- good will triumph, where evil is doomed and destined to fail. In addition, we tend to accept these age old truths as established fact, when nothing could be further from the truth that besets us in daily contradictory, diametrically opposed, reality.

In the real world, good does not always triumph over evil. In fact, the testimony of history stands as a witnessed word of warning to those who would allow themselves to be deceived by such delusions of grandeur, such fantasy fables of myth and fairy tales, that are most certainly not grounded in cold, hard, facts of this life's reality. More often than not, evil demonstrates an inherent propensity for conquering that which is considered -- by civilizations, societies, nations, and religions -- as, both, good and right. And yes, sadly, history does tend to repeat itself over and over again, seemingly without end.

A fact of reality which our well intentioned political and religious leaders will not endeavor to touch upon, except for insensitively blurting out generically standardized empty statements of, “It was God's will,” anytime some horrific tragedy takes the lives of helplessly innocent creatures or -- more importantly to this discussion -- human beings? Our existence, as living creatures on this planet, is wholly dependent upon the deaths of other living creatures within a universally perpetual Cycle of Life & Death that is undeniably, inextricably, rife with an irreversible, oxymoronic, dependence of each upon the other, whereby Life always ends in death, while Death serves to sustain existing Life, and bring about new Life.

Violence, not Love, is ultimately the essential way of things within this realm of existence within all of Existence which Man refers to as the Universe, whilst Love and evidences of its existence (i.e.: affection, mercy, kindness, tenderness, & compassion) are but wistful phantoms, enticing fables longed for, only to be found within the hearts and imaginations of men, but not within that reality which comprises the natural order of things we refer to as Nature. Here on planet Earth, Nature is often affectionately dubbed as Mother Nature, a misnomer which deceptively gives forth the impression that mothers, therefore also Mother Nature, always nurture, protect and bring forth new life while never bringing about death, when in fact, in certain instances the exact opposite can be fatally true, most especially for those poor creatures (every creature is something's/someone's offspring) who find themselves falling preyed victim to a mother instinctively seeking to provide for the needs of its young and newborn.

In truth, those preciously rare moments where we have witnessed heartwarming instances of creatures in Nature appearing to display touching expressions of Love (i.e.: affection, mercy, kindness, tenderness, and compassion), such tender moments are, in stark reality, but rare anomalies and oddities found within Nature that cannot and do not serve to sway, deter, nor impact the insatiably devouring -- recycling and regenerating maintenance of balance -- perpetuity of the grinding wheels of that Cycle of Life & Death ever working patiently and methodically upon this world we call the third rock from the Sun, as well as within and throughout the entirety of the known, and as yet unknown, expanse of our Universe.

To tell it like it is in, somewhat, brutally frank fashion regarding this thing we choose to call Existence? Our existence -- within all of Existence -- as living, breathing, creatures who refer to themselves as Human Beings -- aka/alias: Mankind? Life must come to an end for some form of organic life in order for each of us to continue living -- existing. Such a harsh reality holds true whether one is an amoeba or a man; a worm or a bear; a butterfly or a lion; a bird or a bee; a spider or an adder; a mushroom or a tomato; a bean or a potato; a blade of grass or a great redwood tree -- and is most cruelly and prevalently evidenced within that realm of the animal kingdom.

Thus, so much for famously religious words such as “Thou shalt not kill,” because Nature is -- Via Intelligent Design1 of that Creator2 of all that is and will ever be, whomever, whatever such an entity may prove in time to be (in my humble opinion) -- predator over prey orientated exactly as per the adage, “Dog eat dog,” and so the undeniable law of the Cycle of Life & Death is best exampled by the very terminology men joke about in referring to those who are lower or higher upon The Food Chain.

In the real world, Love exists only as a powerful emotion displayed as a worthily lofty spark within the mind that can oftentimes take fiery burning possession of the human heart, which (according to the latest Scientific evidence3) does, in fact, possess a tiny, instinct driven, brain that literally messages that overconfident resident and occupant of the cranium whenever imminent fight or flight danger is sensed by that tiny but wisely powerful braniac housed within the Human heart as it urgently fills an often gullible human mind with that sudden, eerie and certain, feeling that something is not right, in fact something is very wrong with the situation at hand, and dangerously so -- “Gotta go, gotta, go … Run fool! … Run, run, run for your life, if you wish to see another rising or setting sun!”

Therefore, the true seat of emotion and feelings, as well as that proverbial sixth sense which makes us keenly aware that we are in direly imminent danger, is the human heart due to the proven existence of that tiny, almost imperceptible, brain residing there, precisely where the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood is at its highest peak capacity and efficiency before traveling to the farthest extremities of the human body (i.e.: Command Central: Listen to your heart!). And, it is this tiny seat of power within the human heart that -- I would humbly theorize -- messages (speaks to) our mind and says, “She's/He's the one for you!,” as you find yourself helplessly and madly in love, and can think of nothing else -- and, no one else.

However, no matter what we might wish to believe, the human heart does not rule over Nature, or over the goings on within the great reaches and vastness of the Universe, as it is incontrovertibly apparent, despite what we may wish to think or believe, that department has been allocated solely and inexplicably to the auspices of the Cycle of Life & Death, a cycle which the human heart holds absolutely no sway, nor control, over regardless of the well oiled tales of slyly cunning trickery that politicians and religious leaders may endeavor to convince us of in endless explanations that simply do not hold an iota's inkling of realistic reality's truth.

Here is sublime reality surreal: Our existence within all of Existence, witnessed as our Universe, is more than ample unarguable evidence that there must be some particular thing, or some particular one or ones -- An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence (i.e.: A Creator of all that is and will ever be) -- that literally set the wheels of Existence into motion of having become our Universe, a Universe stringently governed and regulated by that Cycle of Life & Death which cannot be thwarted, nullified, or avoided. Violence we can find. Life, we can find. Death, we can most certainly find. But, living creatures (i.e.: viruses, microbes, fungi, plants, fish, insects, animals) who would instinctively choose to die and cease existing, rather than kill and consume other living creatures, that we cannot find, nor shall we ever find such noble creatures who would assuredly serve as profound evidence that Love, not Violence, is the predominant force at work in our Universe of existence within all of Existence.

Having shared the above foundational thoughts, from this point forward, let us make use of the remainder of this article of highly opinionated speculative conjecture in careful examination's contemplation of several, rather ludicrous, contradictory inconsistencies to be easily isolated and identified within a few popular teachings of a well known form of Organized Religion known around the world as non other than Christianity.

FYI: I am fervently not an advocate, fan, nor supporter of any variety of Organized Religion, though, in straightforwardly sharing my views, no insult or offense, whatsoever, is intended towards anyone of any given faith or religion. I do, however, consider myself an Intelligent Design Free Thinking Creationist who does hereby attest, advocate, and affirm my personal, in-depth-researched, studied, and conclusive, belief that our existence within all of Existence, that is our Universe, is the necessitated Intelligent Design's direct result of An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence (i.e.: A Creator of all that is and will ever be) far beyond that realm of Man's self assumed, asserted and arrogantly presumed, cornering of the market on what is, is not, determined as higher intelligence, and ever nearer the looking glass' distorted image of narcissism fueled conceited ego-maniacal wisdom's self-professed pretentious portals of vastly overrated acclamation's assertations of possession of comprehension, and infinitely beyond the imaginatively creative mythological fairy tale fabrications of men which have been historically passed off upon the world as Organized Religion's professed answers as to how Man came to exist upon this tiny planet, why he exists, and for what (grand or otherwise) purpose, if any whatsoever, but that of simply existing as does all existence within Existence. There can be no doubt that some thing, or some one/ones brought about our existence within all of Existence that is our Universe. However, when fabricated fantasy fairy tales are laid to rest, it becomes ever more clear that, for all practical purposes, Man does not know, nor shall Man likely ever know (especially in any personal fashion) who or what has brought our existence into that limelight of living reality.

How can we know that what I have just shared, directly above, may well be true -- is true? Simple. Every form of Organized Religion has a different answer for how Man came to exist, and for his purpose in existing. None agree, which clarifies that none, not a single one knows diddly as to who or what is that Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence that does inexplicably function as that Creator of all that is and will ever be, why He/She/It exists, and for what purpose He/She/It continues to exist …

Henceforth, since it is primarily Organized Religion which is most commonly the mental and emotional vehicle used to deceive the average Joe Sheeple-People Cattle of this world, and since it is also Organized Religion's Christianity that promotes the concept of “God is Love” (1John 4:16), the remainder of this article shall be used to point out a few rather ludicrous contradictory inconsistencies to be found in the Life's reality with which we live and cope with each day.

Organized Religion, as represented by Christianity, would have us to believe -- and that upon Blind Faith (belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination) without a shred of physically supportive substantiated evidence -- that such a Creator, whom they have dubbed as God (having given such a Man-imagined, contrived, and fabricated/created Deity various personal names) is Love (1John 4:16). We are expected to accept without question that God is Love (1John 4:16), God created our Universe of existence, and God, as Love (repetitive redundancy here is assuredly intentional), is that predominant force at work in our Universe. Herein lies one of numerous humorous contradictions that are flagrantly (historically as well as currently) fed to the mindlessly religious flocks of Sheeple-People4 in mind gorging abundance of befuddling buffoonish banter that only those who have been totally rendered logic-disoriented, commonsense-dazed, and cognizance-of-awareness-confused could possibly swallow as foundational truth in a world governed by deceitful men (Elitists craftily concealed within such fields of expertise as Science, Secularism, Academia, Militarism, Political-Science, & Organized-Religion) who unscrupulously and maliciously operate upon the insidiously nefarious precepts of the only truly operative, covertly overt, trinity in existence, a true to life Sheeple-People Cattle milking, shearing, and slaughterhouse trinity that has never failed in assured certitude of always yielding dependable and profitable results of bleeding (leeching) wealth, power, and control (wealth is power, power is control, & control yields a bountiful harvest of more wealth, more power, & more control) from the already meager lives of ignorantly superstitious, men (Sheeple-People Cattle): Taxes, Tithes, & Lies.

For if God is Love (1John 4:16), then God (be it the God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam) is definitely not in control, is not the predominant force at work in our Universe and, furthermore, it is highly unlikely that such a Man-proclaimed Creator actually brought about the establishment of our existence within all of Existence that is, undeniably, the reality of our existence within the Universe.

In drawing this article of speculative conjecture towards its conclusion, I adamantly attest the necessitated reality of An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence that operates -- from a standpoint of graspable human thinking, reasoning, comprehension -- as a Creator of all that is and will ever be. Albeit, Mankind, as is revealed by the teachings of Organized Religion, has not a single lying arse clue as to who or what that Creative Source might be in Mankind's futility fueled, quest to isolate and identify the infinitely incomprehensible, infinitely inexplicable, and absolutely unidentifiable that may well forever remain millions of light years beyond Man's gritty, grimy, greedy, grasp of ever possessing a glimmer of understanding.

To repeat myself once more for driving home a point effect? Our entire existence is, in my humble opinion, Intelligently Designed around and upon Violence and Death for all creatures in order that they (we) may survive, propagate and insure their (our) posterity in that survival instinct driven (human) sense of seeking after some form perpetuity's immortality that Mankind poetically speaks of as a forever's Eternity. Yet, nothing is truly eternal, not even the stars, much less this tiny planet upon which we currently reside. Sooner or later, everything dies, comes to an end, ceases to exist, for even stars die, stars whose lifespans are billions of years in comparison to our meagerly microscopically minuscule lifespans of 70 to 100 years in somewhat relatable similarity in comparison to the fact that dogs are said to age seven times faster than humans, and so come to the natural end of their canine lives much sooner than we arrive at the end of our humble lives.

Without survival's emanation as Life that must destroy other Life in order to continue living, there would never, and could never, be thoughts or conversations regarding a hope of Eternal Life, or the widely proclaimed belief in the professed existence of an Afterlife, be it in bodily fashion (ie.: Resurrection) or merely a spirit essence. For the very concept of an Afterlife is Man-designed around the human mind's eye physical recognition of the Cycle of Life & Death actively at work in our daily lives as we witness those we love arrive at the end of their lives, sometimes naturally, sometimes tragically, sometimes most cruelly and horribly through acts of war that men stupidly choose to glorify in order to hide their own natural fear of death, and this stupidity, in itself, is a recognition of the Cycle of Life & Death and the unalterable governing power it does hold over our lives, over all Life, and over all of Creation that is our existence within all Existence we call the Universe.

For, without doubt, it is the ever killing, eating, and consuming physical Cycle of Life and Death which reveals the theoretical proclamation of an Afterlife as a farce and merely the wildly wily wistful imagination of slyly cunning men who peddle the wares of Blind Faith belief in nonexistent realities to other men in exchange for taxes and tithes, while feeding their blinded Sheeple-Peoples the drug-stupor-fodder of lies and more lies in having attained absolute control of their, impoverished and deceived, Human-Cattle lives. For the very term and passage, God is Love (1John 4:16) is but a tastily deceptive morsel of mental-grain placed before a naïve and innocent dove (Sheeple-People Cattle), a dove (Sheeple-People Cattle) about to be sacrificed upon the golden altars of their own ignorance and lack of cognizant awareness of the dangers that lurk within the shadows of in plain sight within that blinding light of a cloudless day.

It is that very Cycle of Life & Death which tells us much of who and what any alleged God is and, most importantly, clearly is not. The information that is handily at hand reveals to us that, whatever God is or isn't, the mechanism and operational programming of the Cycle of Life & Death is that of an impartial and efficient Recycler of return-to-base-elements-raw-materials. If there is (were) a God of Organized Religion, such a God is, undeniably, in the recycling business, recycling physical elements into physical Life, and as for Man: Physical human beings -- and that, in a damn big way. In fact, you could say that all we observe is a Universal Phenomenon, though we cannot, as yet, boast of substantiation of Life's existence elsewhere in our Universe, it does logically fit the modus operandi5 of the Cycle of Life & Death to theoretically conclude that as such is very likely the case within those far expansive reaches of seemingly endless Space that Man's meddling mind shall never poke, nor prod ...

The above shared, no matter one's personal beliefs (religious or otherwise), Life is a blessing, but it remains a fact that in order to enjoy Life, to savor every moment of our lives, something else must die in order that we may continue the living of this life. There is no love, no mercy, no tenderness, no kindness, no compassion to be found within this fact of life and our existence within all of Existence -- and most certainly there is no religious aspect, doctrine, or teaching that can explain away the reality that is the ongoing Cycle of Life & Death upon our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and that incomprehensible expanse of the Universe beyond ...

A decisive conclusion? Why would any imagined or conceived Creator of all that is and will ever be, as An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence, think to Intelligently Design the Universe to be rigidly governed by a perpetual Cycle of Life and Death, whereby every living creature must perish in order for other creatures (Man included) to live, continue living, reproduce, and perpetuate its kind? The answer is so simple it totally evades those who possess over-thinking, over-complicated, minds: It is we, as Mankind, who have narcissistically and arrogantly assumed, presumed, and appointed ourselves our own self-imagined, self-professed, position of great significance to existence within all Existence and the alleged spinning wheels of operation which we foolishly wish to believe would surely come to a blinding, grinding, screeching halt without the inferiority complex driven guidance, perpetually pesky persistence of Mankind's meddling and ever tampering hand always attempting to fix that which was never broken, nor was ever in need of repair, until Man thought to think that he had a better plan and, thus, a better outcome. Take my advice: Don;t hold your breath ...

(Written June 15th, 2021)

© 2022 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Author's Note

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

1 Via Intelligent Design —

2 Creator of all that is and will ever be — A terminology of my own imagination's contrivance which I use to refer to the necessitated existence of An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence ...

3 The Heart Has A Brain — “Awareness Begins in the Heart, Not the Brain … Whether religion, literature, or love lyrics, the heart has a long history of being popularly associated with passion, feeling, consciousness, and awareness. But studies within the new field of neurocardiology are beginning to explain the heart’s intimate connection to the brain and the critical role the organ plays in our very sense of self. Research in the past two decades has shown that the heart is an information processing center that can learn, remember, and act independently of the cranial brain and actually connect and send signals to key brain areas such as the amygdala, thalamus, and hypothalamus, which regulate our perceptions and emotions. It seems we have a second “brain” in our chest … What we think of as “mind” increasingly appears to be a whole-body, embodied phenomena, with our heart at the center. It’s something we’ve known intuitively about ourselves for millennia but can now articulate via science.”

4 Sheeple-People — A word and term I find myself favoring in my attempt to communicate the all too factual reality that people tend to allow themselves — even seem to want — to be led, watered, and fed, much like sheep, trusting others with decisions and truths regarding their lives, their futures, their welfare, and their safety, rather then shouldering up such responsibilities themselves as individuals, in finding and enjoying the comfort of numbers. The word sheeple was first coined by actress and Wall Street Journal writer, Barbara Anderson, in 1984

5 Modius operandi — A method of operating or functioning.

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This was absolutely well written. Just another idea, or opinion that helps to manuscript a sense of feeling. I enjoyed reading, thanks again.

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Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

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Thank you very much for reading, and for the kind words ... Glad you enjoye.. read more

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