Family Ties

Family Ties

A Story by Owen

Just a short scene I wrote.

Llian tried to grip the hilt of his sword tighter, but as the steel rang out against the granite floor, he knew his muscles had failed to respond. He could feel all the strength from his limbs draining rapidly and as his knees buckled, he realised that this was the end.
"You can't even protect yourself now? Pathetic, no wander your wife burned. You couldn't protect them."

The memory flowed freely into Llian's mind;
A house burning...screams...the scent of burning someone was roasting a pig...A dark figure dissapearing into the night

"That" Llian barely managed a whisper.

"Yes it was me dear brother, I destroyed everything you have ever loved and now I will end the chain as I destroy you."

Hector stepped forward, resplendid in his golden armour, a lion's head engraved in the centre of his chestplate. His long silver hair fell around his shoulders, framing an angelic face that hid a a demon. His sword was obsidian black, like his heart, it shone hungrily at the taste of impending death.

"You were never my equal." Hector whispered.

Hector raised his blade and hovered it over Llian's neck, he whispered a prayer and thrust the tip of the blade down through Llian's neck and down into the solid granite beneath. Blood rushed forth from the wound and fell down into the cracked granite beneath, soon there was a pool of crimson surrounding Llian's head.

Llian was aware of his life force draining away, the memory of his wife burning kept repeating itself over and over in his head and as the last of his energy fell away from him a sudden burst of light flared from behind his eyes. In his mind the image of his unborn son tore it's way to the front of his mind and suddenly, a power he had never experienced before, rushed through every vein, every artery.

The power felt warm, and grew in it's intensity, he became accutely aware of every detail surrounding him. Hector walking away from him, the granite floor, it's temperature, the width of the room, the height of it, the windows, everything became clear.

Llian griped the obsidian blade and pulled it out of the ground, with a gurgling, he then wretched it from his own flesh. Hector turned, slowly.

"So it has awoken in you too. Power beyond your wildest imagination. Finally this is what I wanted, show me brother, show me what power you possess."

Llian stood with the obsidian blade in one hand and his own silver blade in the other, the wound at his neck had already began to seal. Launching both blades at his brother with blinding speed, they impaled him through both arms and with it's ferocious velocity carried him with them and pinned Hector to the wall. Instantly Llian was there, standing face to face with Hector as he hung, crucified to the wall.

"This is for my wife."

Llian drew his right arm back and slammed it right into Hector's face, with enough force to crush a normal man's skull. The blows kept coming and the wall Hector was pinned too began to crack, spreading out like a giant spiderweb, as the skull was forced further and further into the concrete. With the final punch, the wall shattered, but before Hector could fly through it, Llian, with unnatural speed was behind him, and slammed his fist into hector's spine, shattering it completely.

Llian was now surrounded by an aura of crimson flames, painting an ungodly image as he was covered in his brother blood. Hector slowly made his way to his knees, then hesistantly to his feet.

"Impossible, I just shattered your spine, I felt it crumble." Llian muttered.

"Healed already." Hector replied as he lifted the obsidian blade.

The brothers stood facing each other. Hector holding his sword in his left hand. Llian holding his, in his right.
Opposites in every way, they stood, smiling at each other.

© 2010 Owen

Author's Note

Just interested to know what you think? I have no clue if I'm any good. I just enjoy writing. It's fun.

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I actually really love the descriptions and images you have created in this - especially with the description of Hector and then throughout the story.
Nice work

Posted 13 Years Ago

This is very well written and yet very gruesome. It is such a horrible story, I dont mean horribly written, just sad. It leaves the reader wanting to know what is to happen next.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on September 30, 2010
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I'm a 19 year old individual, who enjoys writing. Mostly fantasy. I know what your thinking "Eeeeuuuggh Fantasy!", well hear me out. Give it a shot, you never know, you might just like it! more..

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A Story by Owen