Family Ties Pt 2

Family Ties Pt 2

A Story by Owen

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'So this is what they call a heart-warming family reunion?" Hector chuckled.

Llian stood statuesque. Crimson leaked from his body into the surrounding atmosphere creating the intense image of hungry flames, desperate to devour anything they could. The silver sword was held out infront of him, poised to strike like that of a cobra.
His dark auburn hair swung wildly in the pandemonium that his aura was creating, his eyes had taken on a crimson tinge and the veins in his neck pulsed rapidly.

"Hector. . . why?" Llian whispered. "Why are you doing this?"

Hector stood relaxed, slowly his sheathed his sword and ran a hand through his silver hair. The golden armour cast a curious shadow, one not made of darkness, but made of spectral light. Bringing his hand down from his hair, he slowly unclasped the grips of his breastplate, two at either shoulder blades and two on each side of his torso. As the plate fell away, it revealed, an extremely toned chest, covered in scars, some severe and some not so.

"Dear brother, you do not understand what you are, so you will never truly comprehend why I am doing this." Hector smiled, "This scar..." Hector pointed to a scar than ran from his right shoulder blade down to his belly button. 'Was given to me, by our father, you do not remember him, you were too young, he created us."

"Created us?" Llian muttered.

"Yes Llian, we are instruments of war, created through science and the arts. I have fought countless battles and lost none, we are the perfect warriors."

As he spoke, Hector brought his fists up to his eyes, lowering them slightly and then turning them over and around, scrutinising them, searching for something. Closing his eyes, suddenly an aura of ocean blue flames, roared out from his being, they were ferocious angry flames. Flames created only to serve the will of death, created to destroy. Hector's chest exploded with muscle, blue veins ran all over his body, criss-crossing and catching each other, ending around his eyes.

"Do you see what you can achieve with persistence, I am the very image of a god. They created us and now there creations will destroy them. I am asking you brother, join me and we can bring bring our creators under our reign!" Hector preached as he extended his hand.

"You killed my family! You killed my unborn son! You killed everything I love, you destroyed my world and you expect me to join yours!?" Llian imploded with rage, and in response his crimson flames roared their defiance.

"Dear Brother do you still not understand!?" Hector laughed "I killed them to show you how fragile they are, I killed them to release you of your bonds to their kind."

"I do not want this, I don't want these powers and I don't want you. I wish you only a slow and painful death. Hopefully you'll recieve it. I cannot bring myself to kill my brother so someone else will have to do the job for me." Llian said, straing directly into Hector's eyes.

Llian thrust his sword, tip down into the granite floor and turn to leave through the broken wall. The warehouse, was empty except for boxes in the far distant corner. Llian had recieved a summons here soon after the fire, it had been out of the ordinary, yet Llian was gripped by grief and any sort of distraction was welcome.

As Llian walked away, like an illusion, Hector appeared infront of him, suddenly just materialising out of nothingness. Llian felt the Obsidian blade part his muscle tissue as it made its way through him. Llian gasped.

"Foolishness Brother, Foolishness. Might controls everything and without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself." Hector whispered.

With astonishing speed, his twisted the blade and opened the wound, and punched Llian with his free fist sending him sliding off the end of of the Obsidian sword and sent him flying, to land on the floor next to his sword, which stood, anchored to the granite floor.

"I do this Brother, so now I will claim the title of strongest. I will kill anyone who stands in my way, I simply cannot be stopped and hence nothing should be outwidth my grasp!" Hector laughed as he wiped the blood off of his blade. He spread his arms out wide and spun in a circle. "Ahhhh I wish you could be around to see it happen Brother, millions will die. The planet will be covered in blood! The Irony is poetic! The one they created to protect them, now the one who destroys them!"

Llian's muscle tissue had reformed itself, as he slowly pushed his way up from the floor. "Not if I stand in your way Big Brother."

Hector smiled, bearing all of his teeth in a very predatory manner. "O!? Now you wish to intervene? What happened to not wanting your powers? What happened to walking away!? What makes you think, you even have the power to stop me!?"

Llian gripped the hilt of his sword and removed it from the floor. He ripped off his tunic, to reveal a mass of crimson veins which had centred around his chest. They had woven themseleves into a unique circular pattern. "I will not stand by and let you destroy this world, like you did mine, it's not what they would have wanted."

Hector eyed up Llian's chest and his smiled faltered for a second. Immediately replaced by his serne mask of confidence. "So be it."

© 2010 Owen

Author's Note

The next chapter so to speak!

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Added on October 3, 2010
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I'm a 19 year old individual, who enjoys writing. Mostly fantasy. I know what your thinking "Eeeeuuuggh Fantasy!", well hear me out. Give it a shot, you never know, you might just like it! more..

Family Ties Family Ties

A Story by Owen