People in the picturs

People in the picturs

A Poem by Geo

not a poem more a prose I guess or essay

People in my picturs
Where are the people in the pictures?

I know them well yet I never see them anymore.

There are my boys I loved them so but could not keep them as they are in the pictures.

I so miss them, seems like only yesterday I took these pictures.

Where did they go?

It was only a moment ago, we where at a boy scout meeting I can still taste the coffee

and home made cake.

I still feel the cold biting my feet as we camped out.

I still see there eyes so filled with wonder and excitement, its all still new to them.

I see kindergarten graduations, birthday parties, playgrounds and swings they so loved to

the swings.

I see Christmas mornings there eyes as wide as platters, bounding down the stairs as if

the house where on fire.

I see them sleeping for the first night in the big boy beds.

I wish I could crawl in to that picture for good night kiss from my little boys.

Grown now and on there own, Doing well and taking pictures of there own.

I see my mother in law so full of life, taken from us far too soon.

Love you Mom! Miss you!

I see my grandparents with those smiles I remember, the one that seemed so comforting

back then.

They always managed to make my problems seem smaller.

If I squeeze my self down real small could I get inside, one time to feel the

comfort? Take away the pain?

I see my parents, with hair dark and vital.

I can almost hear them wake up its time for school.

Hey Dad one more time close the refrigerator door.

I see too the look of hope for a better life for us then they had, yet why do I

Not see the disappointment in there eyes when it did not work out that way.

Oh well guess the camera misses some things.

And I see us you and I, the light of hope so bright in our eyes.

Things where so much simpler and more confused back then.

Still I know there are still many pictures to yet be taken and as many more that

I will wish to get back into, for the unfortunate fact is time for now moves in one

Direction; unforgiving relentless uncaringly forward.

Oh the pictures If only I could get inside each one to feel the life that once was.

© 2010 Geo

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this is different, but well written

Posted 10 Years Ago

"Things where so much simpler and more confused back then" is an interesting comment, I feel like I have heard this before...I like your poem of pictures and memories.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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This is a remorseful lament Of a life missed chances lost It is sad I hope it is not true .

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Definitely a different kind of poem than I have ever seen before. I'm very impressed by it.

Keep writing, you're good at it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on June 12, 2010
Last Updated on June 12, 2010



Deltona , FL

Me ? Just a misfiring neuron in the universal mind. Who may or may not have some writing talent. I guess we will see. more..

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