Wish you were here

Wish you were here

A Poem by Dillon "Gerald" Steele

This is a love poem about the things I wish I could tell you


Wish you were here

I wish you were here

to make the pain go away

because every night

i sit wishing you could hold me

just one more time

so I could maybe

feel the warmth of love

to know what its like to not be


I am numb to the sound of your voice

the sound doesn't sound as sweet

as the last time you told me

you loved me.

The last time you said it

you just missed being wanted

while I wanted what I missed.

I wanted those forehead kisses

those gentle stares

those soft hands.

I missed your mind

and the way you used to argue

even if I knew you were wrong.

I miss those under the breath remarks

that you thought I never heard

The 2am “I can’t sleep

but you were on my mind”

I wish you were here

because then these shooting stars

would have no meaning

they would be fulfilled

like the feeling in my heart.

The knots in my stomach

wouldn't be so tight.

but god damnit

If I were to die while writing this

I would wish that only

you were here.

© 2014 Dillon "Gerald" Steele

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Added on November 20, 2014
Last Updated on November 20, 2014
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Dillon "Gerald" Steele
Dillon "Gerald" Steele


I am 17 and I write poetry usually heartbreaking or inspirational. I have a poetry book being sold titles These Things Happen. more..