The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

A Poem by gypsynight


Sunk in eyes
Grin carved in so deep that words spill out of the sides of her cheaks.
Before she can even recite her well thought out purpose.
Its suggested that were suspect to further questioning.
Put under a microscope so they can micromanage using premmeditated thought control.
Best to slow your roll, you tumble weed. Rolling threw the vacancy we call a town full of artificial pretty.
So it goes
As it should
Watch me switch the evil to the good
As you wish
Life goes on
Start to dig my grave, for my time has come
Swollen glands
Red and blue crayons life is so perfect
I dont have to choose just one color to put to use
I'll draw myself a imaginary ship that keeps all the wreckage a float.
So I can keep people safe from thereselves.
There's no time to spare
Dont you see?
The creature blooms and grows.
Cracks the cocoon, the coffin suffocating original self expression.
Her wings spreading, fluttering to motion.
All her dreams and passion.
They have been there the whole time.
She fooled herself into thinking she could never fly.
Letting her doubts make her dizzy.
Perhaps she believed it to be true, she was nothing special she was just something to be used.
But she was changing, evolving into something bigger then herself.
Overnight she morphed, broke the surface, crawled out of her shell.
Her regrets seemed worthless, even with all this shame pushing her down.
Causing ripples each one effecting any challenge that crossed her path, any ending that would keep her sick.
Based on her following her instincts.
That she wasn't alone.
That she could lose herself that would be alright.
Maybe, just maybe start to build herself a home.
Life comes to a end
As I wish
I switch the evil to the good
As it can be
So it stops
But only if I let it.

© 2019 gypsynight

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Added on March 30, 2019
Last Updated on March 30, 2019



Garrettsville, OH

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