Our Place

Our Place

A Poem by Hannah Paige

I've been revisiting a lot of things lately.

Today I took a picture 
of the first place
I ever fell in love.
They've let the weeds grow out
and I wasn't completely sure where it was
so it took me a while to find it.
I keep expecting to see you here
but it's the sort of spot you don't find
unless you're looking for it
and why would you be looking for it?

The bench feels like I remember it
the view too.
It's hot today
but we used to come here in the cold
and use each other for warmth.
The liquor helped with that too.
And then once we were drunk
you'd carry me up and down those hidden stairs
to the right
and I would squeal with delight
and it was okay
because it was 3am
and there was no one around to hear anyway.

And then when we were tired
we would come back to this bench
and I would lay my head
in your lap
and you'd ask me 
to tell you a secret
or I'd ask you
I can't remember now.
And that's when I'd fall in love with you
again and again
every night
at 3am
on our secret bench in the woods
I'd fall in love with you.

It's been years 
since I last sat on this bench
years since I told anyone a secret
years since I fell in love
at 3am.
But I haven't forgotten 
and I haven't forgotten
And now
at least
I have a picture.

© 2015 Hannah Paige

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Added on July 19, 2015
Last Updated on July 19, 2015


Hannah Paige
Hannah Paige


I'm in film school at NYU. I like to write and make movies. I took some good music and put it here: http://8tracks.com/hannah-paige more..

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