Day 1

Day 1

A Chapter by Hannah

Jake is ill awoken by the sound of a thundering alarm. He rolls over and reaches for the noisy box. The sky is still dark, he notices through the cracks of the blinds that covered his window. He cuts the alarm off and rolls back over to stare at the ceiling. His thoughts cumbersome, he forces himself to sit up.

He'd been working for the same selfish corporation for six years now. They gave just enough to keep him around; but they never cared enough for the hard laborers to listen to their needs. His past with RKS had been deeply regretted. He was in IT, but RKS was an American military involved corporation. He was not a solider. He was a simple Australian man working for the devil down the road from his simple craft home. However his skills had been needed overseas a couple of years back. The company pushed him to join the American soldiers in Afghanistan, aiding them with their equipment. The horrors of Afghanistan raced through his mind every time his tired mind tried to ease itself to rest.

Jake pushes the negative thoughts out of his head. With a big stretch he stands up and stumbles tiredly to the bathroom for a quick shower. The steam surrounds him with a hug, warm water runs freely down his aching muscles. He scrubs up with one of his only left indulgences. A body wash from his favorite cologne collection, Hugo by Hugo Boss. The scent is refreshing enough to give him the strength to deal with the imbeciles from work. He closes his eyes and one more time allows the water to soothe him then turns the faucet off and grabs a towel off the shower rack. The fluffy white cotton feels warm and soft against his newly exfoliated skin. He mutters allowed to himself, “And so the day begins”. He walks back to his room and rustles around the closet pulling out a polo work shirt and a nice pair of jeans. Once dressed he checks his phone, not a single message. Spritzing on some cologne he then walks down the stairs and around the corner to the kitchen. He quickly grabs a Cheesy-mite scroll off the kitchen counter and his keys.

On the road to work he caught nearly every light. At one point he saw a couple walking through the park. Their love seemed so effortless. You could see in their eyes, that one could not belong on this earth without the other. He wished he could have such a deeply adoring relationship. It had been years since he had been serious with any woman. After a near decade long relationship ended with his lover being unfaithful he was too uneasy about getting serious again. He just was not ready. Not yet. He pulled into his parking spot and once again checked for any new messages. An update for an app graced the glossy screen, but not a single mutter from another human. He glanced into his fold down mirror and managed a fake smile to amuse himself. Then hopped out of his small sedan beginning the walk to the gray business building.

His desk was a mess as usual, the office was quiet and lonely. He always showed up earlier than his co- workers. Hopeful to finish the day soon and get home. He longed for something he could look forward to. Aside from his evening jog, and the occasional meal out with his mates he needed something special. His thoughts were soon interjected by a list of that days duties. He wondered how it were possible for some people to even survive in the corporation with their complete lack of knowledge in technology. Well that is why I am here I guess, so I cannot complain. “Don't worry Jake's here to save you from your lack of brain activity!” He mocked aloud to himself.  

© 2014 Hannah

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Added on December 28, 2014
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