Darkness Beneath Your Beauty

Darkness Beneath Your Beauty

A Poem by Hidden Happiness

"Looks can be deceiving"- a scenario i made up

You are a beautiful woman
You're eyes are like the ones Tagore described in his poems
You're long black hair flows gracefully down your back
Your figure, although a little over-sized, is eye catching
The attraction to every man
And when you walk by, wearing those tight low-cuts that you love
I see their hungry eyes glued to your body
I laugh hiding the pain inside me
They do not know the person beneath the beauty
They do not know how black your heart is
That your dark essence and your poisonous smell
Kill the innocent flowers on your way
You take their lives like you took mine,
Like you took my mother's
Tell me what pleasure do you get 
Opening the scars you made 12 years back
Every day, every moment of this goddamn life
I am struggling to bring him back to me and my mom
What is your benefit, your treacherous woman?
I know there is not the slightest bit of love in him for you
So why ruin the purity of sisterhood?
Is it the trips to the exotic little places, the little gifts?
Then what? what is it you tell me?
Do you ever think about yourself?
Your own life?
He looks at you like his little sister
So go try to find yourself a husband and a job
And help us get rid of this burden and yes that's you
If you want to continue with the betrayal then fine
Go ahead!
Because now I'm here
Don't think of us as two soulless bodies
Who have no place to go 
You don't know how strong I am
You don't know how strong mom is
And one day we will soar so high that you can't touch  us
You will sit back pampering him
Begging him to take you along
That day i will laugh, I will laugh my heart out
O you beautiful woman, don't, don't do this to yourself
Come back to the right track 
For once take those longing beautiful eyes of someone else's man
And look at those who can be yours.

© 2012 Hidden Happiness

Author's Note

Hidden Happiness
so what do you think?:)

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I like your comparisons, but there is too much truth in it, a little flattery and pun wouldn't hurt. The ending however I really loved.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hidden Happiness

8 Years Ago

Ok..thanks so much for reviewing:-):-):-D.
I really like this :D I admire how you added and built a storyline as you went along. Great job!! xD

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like this, i liked how you described "the woman" in detail from appearance to what she was really like as a person. It gives someone a clearer view of how they will look at people.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 16, 2012
Last Updated on August 22, 2012
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Hidden Happiness
Hidden Happiness

wonderland, words city

Ummm what to say, well writing along with music has been my best friends who helped me out in every difficulty, picked me up when I was down and wiped away my tears to put a smile on my face. I love r.. more..

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