Because Of You

Because Of You

A Story by Juria Kurosaki

"It's the only reason I became a killer." I gasped at his touch, "Because of you."


"Because Of You"

I pointed a gun at the man in front of me. I smile sadistically. We gave you a deadline." I said. "Please!" The man in front of me begged, "I have a family! Children!" He didn't get it, that wasn't going to stop me, "We gave you a deadline. A deadline to get us that money, and you failed to meet it. It's time for you to suffer your consiquences. I shot the gun and the bullet embedded itself into his head. He died immediately. After he was dead I frowned. I felt horrible killing this man but I was doing it for my own sake of staying with someone. A man behind me wrapped his arms around me. "Well done," he said turning my face to the side, and tilting it up so he could kiss me, "You did perfect." He moved us both from a standing position to sitting on the old couch in our apartment, the place where we performed all our crimes. He removed his lips from my own and kissed the base of my my neck instead. I moaned at his touch. "I'm glad you decided to be with me." He said against my skin. "It's the only reason I became a killer." I gasped at his touch, "Because of you." He smiled against my skin. "Do you love me that much?" He asked. "Yes. I do." "I'm glad I have that I much influence over you." "Mmm-hmm, I murmured not paying attention to his words but more to his touch. "Will you stay with me?" He asked. "Yes, I will." "Forever?" "Of course." He smiled gently. "I love you Edward. I live for you." He told me. "So do I Roy. So do I..."

© 2016 Juria Kurosaki

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Added on November 4, 2015
Last Updated on March 3, 2016
Tags: Fullmetal alchemist, short story, story, sad, character death


Juria Kurosaki
Juria Kurosaki

St. Louis, MO

Hi, I'm a sixteen year old girl who writes short stories and poems! Usually my short stories are FMA fan fictions but my poems are original. My inspiration is usually from pictures that I've seen. I s.. more..