The Last Angel's Message

The Last Angel's Message

A Poem by Homason

The Battle Between Good & Evil Persists...

The Last Angel's Message!

I heard the last Angel just left,
Without the Message It once held,
Freedom!!! Alas Freedom!!! the earth felt,
Let's Sink it,
Let's Seal it,
Let's Burry it,
No, let's Burn it,
But the heat was like a massage to the Message,
It sprung still like spring water.

This Message is old,
Let's have it sold,
Or refine it like gold,
After all, we are gods,
Pushed to the ground by many mighty men,
Troops of ordinary people running over,
Every ear picking some sweet parts like blue sea men as they ran over.

Tear!!! Tears!!! I felt pains the Angel's Message felt,
Calling out to everyone,
Who will come and help?
But no one quickly answered,
How they mistook the antidote for the antichrist.

But first, I felt,
My eyes confused as I beheld,
Tossed about, to & fro, even upside down the Message,
Yet everyone kept busy like socage,
In my fainting eyes I saw the Message calling and pointing us to see the right way,
But the world was too noisy to hear her.

But then I heard the last Message is here,
And men & Angels are near,
I thought I was the last sinner,
When I ate the Message,
I realized I was that last Angel.

© 2020 Homason

Author's Note

How often do you think about the persecution the Holy Book has faced in past and present times?
Do you ever feel like speaking the Word but hushed by circumstances?
Do you think the Truth should speak for itself while being trodden and misinterpreted by people rather than every one of us standing up to speak the truth?
How often do you involve or exempt yourself from sharing the Gospel?
These and many more questions are for the reader's digest.

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I find spiritualism within...and these days i see it crying out to be heard without....
but in the mass chaos we have now...i don't know if anyone really believes anymore.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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9 Months Ago

True, J.
Thank you.

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1 Review
Added on July 18, 2020
Last Updated on July 18, 2020
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