A Story by Homason

A closer peep at time.

So much have been accredited to "time" and much still have been spoken less of it. We have accused time so many times for being too fast or very slow but no one ever sued time any time. Smiles!

Everytime, when time comes to mind we look at our wristwatch or wall clock yet we cannot tell how it comes or goes. We just age.

Time may be the oldest phenomenon in man's history book, predicting the span of life and living but time has never speared the old men or things in history a time to live longer. Hahaha!! Don't waste your time thinking about it.

We often say life's not fair, but is time really fair �" causing the demise of everything and yet it lives? Or is it selfish �" being one thing that controls everything? Or is it bias �" causing some to live longer than others or allowing certain misfortunes (like Covid-19) to befall humanity? Or is it stingy �" holding one from being rich at young age? Yet, we believe so much in time.

What actually goes forth and back �" recycling thesame dates and week-days? Confused time.

If only time could speak! We may all have been pranked. But only time can tell.

Truth is, time goes on!

What we get out of time makes us responsible or irresponsible. And for that which we failed to get in time, we are not irresponsible. Thus, everyone is given equal time.

The wisest man already said it; "there's time for everything..." And I'm taking my time to think about the end of time itself (but only time can tell).

If time flies, may our pains be forgotten at the feet of time. If it runs, may our smiles be remembered in the hands of time. If it slows, may our daily bread be multiplied. But if it stops, may this story be told once upon a time.

- Homason.

© 2021 Homason

Author's Note

What did you understand when you rationalized about time? What are the two sides of time as a coin in your view? Feel free to share.

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Added on January 18, 2021
Last Updated on January 18, 2021
Tags: Time, age, hardship, strife, belief, perseverance, faith, hope



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