A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo

Memories.This skips first semester since It's insignificant.

The chilly wind whipped her hair forward and she took a sigh,she kept walking the backtrail in her neighborhood,she looked up at the sky,and it all came flashing back to her.
I'm just a freshman in High school!It's a new start for me!I don't have to be the girl I used to be in Middle school,I am completely different!I've worked hard to be this way,my hair is no longer always in a ponytail with dozens of bobby pins.I am optimistic and will always smile!Thanks to my new friends from eighth grade....I'll try my best to do decent in school too...Woah this place is big,I hope I can find the right place to be at...first let's try to find my friends!she scurries through the bustling hall until she sees her friends standing in a small group in an area called D-9...She walks over and one of her friends spots her,runs over and almost tackles her into a hug.
"Momo!"her friend says."Jennifer,what classes do you have?"She asks as her friend pulls away from hugging her."Oh let me get my paper and we'll see if we have anything matching!"Her friend Jennifer says.She follows her friend over to the rest of the group,they all say their hellos and ask how each other vacation was.Unfortunately they only have one class together.So in each class she is going to be..alone..Well except for lunch time,which they all agreed to meet in the same place in the morning,D-9.
It's still morning though so her and her friend Jennifer go to see if they can share a locker together,and they end up doing,they try to help each other memorize the combination,while giggling how exciting it is to be in High School.The classes go by In a blur to her.And now It's lunch time.She and her friend Jennifer go together in line to get some food,then they find a place to sit next to their locker,when they do she notices a group in the corner of them.She looks over and sees some boy's all dressed in black,she figures,some goths,then she spots a boy with blue eyes,light blonde hair and chubby cheeks,her mind goes blank as she looks at him,then her friend calls her attention and she goes on with lunch not looking his way at all.
The class she has together with all her friends is 6th period P.E.Just her luck!they all get to feel like s**t and sweat together. But nonetheless the is happy to be with her friends,lucky all of them have one class all together!Of Course it's just the talking over about basics,about what you need to bring next time you have P.E. such as the clothes,the lock and who you share with.While talking outside with their female P.E teacher,she sees a boy approach a guy P.E teacher,showing him a paper.They boy has light brown hair and blue eyes,he's wearing all black and he has chubby cheeks.For some reason she can't stop staring at him,he's done talking and walks away,back into the main hall,away from her.
She goes to her next class which is art,she is excited because she likes to draw.She goes in and finds out her friend Victoria had to be moved in this class.She is happy to not be alone again in Art class!Since she really didn't like the teacher.She finds her seat,which is one over from where she used to sit,right next to the door.She sits in the stool and tries to lay down her head since P.E. always wipes her out.She hears someone pull the stool next to her and she look up to see,wondering who will take her old seat,turns out it's blue-eyed boy.The firs thing she thinks for once while looking at him is,I want to be friends with him,I must be friends with him.
Their eyes meet,and she turns away fast,feeling embarrassed,since she never looks people in the eye,plus she looks horrible with her face all red.It's the same old same old with the teacher,she gives you a big folder and you write your last name on it and decorate it and such.She looks over and sees him with his legs wide open and torso facing her,she feels confused as to why he's sitting half facing her and if it's even comfortable sitting that way.She see's his folder says Pole.She looks toward his face and sees his holding a strong stare her way,she quickly turns her head and continues to doodle on her folder.
So at the Morning time,where her and her friends meet before school starts,she sees the same group all dressed in black but this time there's an Asian girl amoungst them,her friend Jennifer pulls her aside."See the guy with long black hair who's tall?"Jennifer says.She looks and sees,he's the one making out with the Asian girl.She looks back at Jennifer."Yeah what about him?"She asks. Jennifer says" He's the one me and Alannah liked during Middle school!He's so cute!"She thinks to herself but he's obviously taken,but she says "Wow!really you have a crush already!?Why didn't you guys make a move!?"Jennifer admitted "We were too shy to approach him,plus he was always surrounded by his friends." 
Then she notices the blue-eyed boy,so she gathers around her friends and asks them for a favor.
"Can you guys go over to the guy with short,light brown hair and blue eyes and ask what his name is for me?"Her friends astonished she talking about a boy they immediately do this favor,as she runs to stand behind a pillar.
As she peeks from behind the pillar she sees them asking him,and they point over towards her and he tries to look,she quickly hides again,then her friends are by her side and tell they said to him "What's your name?because her,when they pointed over to her,wants to know!"
She asked "Well what did he say?"
Her friends said"He said to call him..pryo...pyro..pyro!"he friends try to say.
She thought to herself,hmmm pryo...wait how do you say that...."Pyro"she said outloud....Heh he has a nickname too,she thought to herself.

© 2012 HoneyHoneyMomo

Author's Note

it's really in the rought but I'm getting it out there.

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