The Perfect Little Fairy Tale

The Perfect Little Fairy Tale

A Story by N

All her life, Little Katy has wanted to go on an adventure. So one day, she gets up and goes looking for one. This story glamorizes the tragic and epic course a hero takes in saving the day.


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Katy. Little Katy lived in a small house in a small lot in a small town in a small state in a big world. It drove Little Katy crazy that she was stuck in such a small place when there was so much to explore. So Little Katy abandoned her family without a second thought and went of in search of an adventure. She traveled for many moons and many stars, the sun grew hotter as she went, and flowers began to poke out of the ground. Katy eventually came across a field and met a talking llama with a broken ankle.

"Help me!" It said. "My ankle hurts! Can you gather some sticks and leaves to help me make a cast?" Little Katy did. She happened to be skilled in first aid and made a rather beautiful one and helped the llama stand up and walk again. "I'm so angry!" It rattled. "An evil witch stole my brother. I must retrieve him! Come with me, please!" Little Katy immediatly agreed.

So they spent all day and all night making a pretty little ship and they got on it and sailed across the ocean off in search of the llama's brother. After a rough time on the ship they finally spotted an island and landed there. They found a banana tree and ate a lot of bananas. Then a bunch of angry trolls found them and tried to eat them. But Katy and the llama fought them off, and even though the llama's ankle was broken, it thought bravely, and so did Katy, even though she had no experience, and they won the battle two to fifty.

Little Katy and the llama left the island with victory in their minds but were still sad at the fact that they hadn't found the llama's brother. They set back to sailing across the ocean.

All of a sudden, the waters moved as vivaciously as if there were a furious storm. Merely a few feet away, a large dragon came forth from the waters, roaring at them. The llama tried to attack it, but Little Katy stopped him. She managed to calm the dragon down, and they all talked it out. It ended up that the dragon had gotten a large piece of wood in his foot from their boat, and he had thought they were trying to harm him. Katy apologized and so did the llama. They explained their quest and the dragon said he'd come along, and he even had an idea as to where the witch was!

So they sailed along and then some sea monsters got angry at them for tresspassing in their waters. They tried to kill them but it didn't work. Alas, the dragon got hurt, and he had to stay behind. But he gave them a map to help them.

Our heroes went into even more dangerous waters and flesh-eating eagles soured down and tried to eat their flesh, but they beat their foes this time around too. Then an octopus tried to drag them down into his watery depth but that didn't work either. They were all really happy because they were finally going to go save the day and they escaped all these near-deaths experiences and they were going to get llama's brother back.

They were really close when a big storm came and it rained and their ship sank and they drowned.

The end.

© 2012 N

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Added on December 13, 2012
Last Updated on December 13, 2012
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