Haunted House Massacre

Haunted House Massacre

A Story by N

Cold wind with a touch of spring blows through me, reminding me of memories that I
just can’t remember, no matter how hard I tr. The only door in the room slams. I didn’t
know it was open. In fact, I know it was closed, but slam it did. I heard it, and it nearly
scarred me out of my wits. I thought perhaps, someone, someone was in the room with
me. No. No ones here. I’m safe.
I tell myself that, but I don’t feel safe. I feel sick. My stomach churns, my brain is ice, my
body dirty. Who am I? What’s happening?
The room I was in looked like a kids. A dollhouse even. Crystal white doors, lamps
decorated with ribbons and colors, a kid bed and furniture, a mini chandelier.
Out the window I see a neighborhood. I remember it, I do. I must, for I remember houses,
but…there are none. Just trees and gaps where the houses would be. There’s a roof. I
could get down it, if only the windows would open.
The wind settles, and I become hot. Ugh, like a summer day. I hate summers. The sun. I
hate the thought of little kids, and ice cream trucks, and happine-
The thought was gone, as if it was never there. Instead, a person filled my mind. Lidia,
my dear, dear, sister. I wonder where she is. Where I am.
The door slams again, without the wind. And this time, the door slams open. Slowly, I
stand up. Then, I walk. Walk out of the room I was stuck in.
There’s a hall, and a staircase, small, and dark. It’s so dark. Someone could trip, fall, get
hurt. This place isn’t safe. I can sense it.
My feet lead me, lead me into a room. I hear a soft sound, like bells, a sobbing. Then a
child’s laughter somewhere. Then an impatient growl. I step forward, and the crying gets
louder. Another step, and I see Lidia.
“Lidia?” I whisper with the voice of wind. She looks up, her young sweet face stricken,
and screams.
“Lidia?” I repeat, taking a step closer. She screams again, backing into the wall.
“Leave me!” she moans, then quickly jumps up. “Leave me alone!” I take another step
“Lidia, it’s just me, it’s-,”
“Get away from me!” she shrieks, picking up something from the floor and holding it up
guarding. And then I notice, her arm: it’s gone. She just has one, instead of two. A whole
arm, torn from it’s socket. And it wasn’t covered by her shirt, nor had skin growing over
it. No, it was fresh, her bone jutting out, blood leaking from her, meat showing, socket a
wreak. My sister, poor sister, her face covered in pain, leaking with fear, screaming out
tragedy. My poor sister, What inhumane beast dared harm my angel?
I stepped closer, to comfort her, help her, and she screamed out again, her lungs bursting
with volume I had never heard from her before.
“Don’t touch me, you demon!” she yelled. I looked around me, frightened. A demon?
Was that what haunted this dilapidated place?
I neared my sister, and her eyes widened in fright.
“Please, don’t hurt me, please, I’ll do anything, just let me go, please, please…”
I loved this. This high feeling, her terror, her pleading eyes. She was begging me, as she
should. I, I was her ruler now. I had the power; she did not. Such a beauty. Her young
face, untouched by harm and hurt, her pure eyes, unkissed by evil, her blood, so dark and
good…. She was a beauty, just like her…
Lidia screamed, and I found her throat under my teeth. Her mouth opened in a silenced

scream, her eyes wide. Light, light was fading. Her body turned limp as my teeth ate
away at her skin. Her skin, so sweet. Her tissues, salty and flaky. Her meat, so juicy. No
mere animal compared. Her bones were flavor filled, an everlasting mint, a multiflavored
gum. I loved this.
I loved her.

I’m stuck, stuck in a room. I don’t know where I am. I need help, desperate help.
“Sarah? Lidia?”
I know that voice. George. He’s my boyfriend. Lidia is my sister’s name. Sarah is mine.
George has come to help! He’ll help me. I know he can.
I rise, slowly, then begin to walk. George can help me. I know he can. I know he will.

© 2012 N

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Yikes! Now this is scary. Well written N and the part about eating her made my skin crawl :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 16, 2012
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