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"Dare to cross the royalty's line? Well it's your own fault!" - Leopold Pyris


A mysterious ancient pyramid resided at the same spot in a desolated desert land of Sulthaz for many generations since it was built during the ancient times. It was known to serve as a tomb for the ancestors of the Arkaman Royal Family in honor of those who fought in the deadliest battles. Although the appearance on the exterior part of the pyramid looks like a regular pyramid but it was no ordinary pyramid that could be seen commonly in the real world as we know it.

Inside the pyramid, it was all dark and quiet like everything became dead silent. But if there were glints of light, the interior would look luxurious with golden monarch décor in major details like a rich mansion. Most of the treasures were not only limited to gold but many legendary artifacts that have existed in the time of their reign.

Suddenly, a strange figure donning an ebony cloak strolled down the hallways in search of the sacred weapon"a legendary sword called the Legend Calibur"the most powerful sword in the world that could withstand any damage even in critical situations whereas the blade can never break like a mirror. The dark figure’s footsteps echoed within each step throughout the halls and made his way onto the chamber where the stoned pedestal had the sword pierced in the center. The door to the chamber had been sealed shut for many decades to prevent intruders from stealing their vital possession to avoid the sword to fall into the wrong hands of a wielder. The dark figure somehow had the power as he created a strange portal to create an entryway instead of fiddling with a closed door and gained access into the chamber.

The dark figure approached closer to the Legend Calibur and made a wicked smile with mild pleasant coming to him. He manipulated the sword to eject itself right out from the pedestal while using his strong telekinetic force to pull it out nonphysical. The sword floated up in mid-air and the dark figure grabbed it by its emerald hilt that gave a glow of sunlight in leaves.

He held it close to his face and smirked as he removed the hood of the cloak from his head. Without the hood over his head, he had wavy blonde hair and eyes blue as the ocean. He is a handsome young man in his early twenties and is attractive enough to make countless women pursuit him in an endless wild goose chase.

“With this blade I hold in thy power,” he grinned passionately at the shining light coming from the sword. “King Terrance shall beg for mercy when time comes for me to destroy Tenugaia.”

He snickered quietly to himself like he’s hiding a prank to fool someone.

“My fiancé and Terrance’s wife will bow down to I"the great Prince Leopold,” he began and laughed sounding like an evil scientist.

A loud alarm blared throughout the entire area as they begun to dispatch the hidden golem sentries whom were guarding the entrance to eliminate the intruder. Leopold prepared himself as he quickly grabbed the sword and snatched Avuthal"the bright gold and dark emerald colored scabbard for the Legend Calibur along and stormed out of the chamber in a flash.

“I’m always prepared for anything worse,” Leopold said to himself without concern of being cornered by many sentries.

Leopold caught eyes of a few guards standing by and drew out the sword to eliminate those who were about to gang up on him. He charged up the power stored inside the blade and unleashed an energy beam of luminous light to temporarily blind the guards thus making his getaway easier. He ran up the stairs and soon came across the other guards pointing their sharp pointed bladed spears at him like they were about to charge at him in a deadly stab. Leopold carefully released the energy power as he jumped into the air and released a few radiant shockwaves at them one by one. The guards withered away thanks to the powerful light stunning their mobility to fight which brought a smile upon Leopold’s sinister face like he’s enjoying slaying those who would dare to cross him.

“Nobody points spears at the great Prince Leopold,” he said in a defensive mood when it comes to anyone offending his royalty.

With other guards being called for backup, Leopold focused his escape by defeating all the other guardians and hurried on exiting out where he came in. Before he could leave, he watched many guards engage at him as the door sealed shut to prevent escapes. The look on Leopold’s face had changed from pleasant arrogance to a serious sadistic expression like he hid an innocent look this whole time.

“Stay where you are, intruder!” One guard shouted and pointed a spear at the Prince like he was about to poke him in the stomach. “Surrender now or face the serious consequences of stealing our precious Legend Calibur.”

Leopold pretended to give up in a false pretense to not have his hands up in the air like a normal civilian. Instead, he stood there crossing his arms having an indignant look on his face. He was not convinced he could just follow the authority figure"even if it came from the sentries. Leopold continued standing there no longer feeling offended; he smiled and laughed at their insolence finding it a bit comedic for the Prince.

“You may think you got the power of the Arkaman gods on your side,” Leopold began. “But you don’t know who you are about to deal with"I, Leopold the Great Prince of Eclian. And I can’t ever thank you enough to pass down this wonderful blade for a worthy wielder like me. The Legend Calibur will soon become my prized weapon to defeat all of you inferior beings and everyone will bow down to the world’s greatest intellectual leader"Me, the Prince of destruction!”

Leopold laughed again and released a brilliant shockwave at the sentries in a devastating blow and reduced them into ashes like black soot due to the light disintegrating their spiritual bodies. The door is still sealed but it did not stop Leopold from escaping. He created a portal as an emergency exit and appeared outside of the tombs in a snap.

He quickly climbed up on his gallant white horse and mushed his horse and fled with the Legend Calibur and its scabbard, Avuthal. His successful plan granted his infiltration mission accomplished.

It was now the time to shine for the one hero to recover the Legend Calibur.

© 2012 Hunter-Arkaman

Author's Note

Hope you like the prologue. If there's anything that need to be changed, let me know and I'll happily edit the change(s) in consideration.

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Added on September 24, 2012
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