A Poem by ICE

So here we are.

Past the point

Where cutting corners

Just doesn't cut it


So here we are

Ffloating past all preconceptions

and what we want

Each other to be

What we never will be.

So here we are

Stuck in a neverending


Where what I say just doesn't matter

And you're always right.

So here we are

Halfway across the universe

Hiding behind our fears

Rather than trying to say

How we really feel.

So here we are

Listening to everyhting

Listening to nothing at all

Stuck in this bittersweet


So here we are

Two dissonant chords

Trying to come out on top.

So here I am

And here you are.

Tired of running away

Tired of being tired and afraid...

But its all we've got.

you, me

this, that

And a bittersweet empasse

'Cause its really hard to say what you feel

When you feel nothing at all.

© 2009 ICE

Author's Note

Originally the last two lines were not there...but a great friend told me that he liked them there and so I kept it.

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MAN..MAN..do i have to say more i love it keep up the good work

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow an interesting empasse of sorts.. love to hear more about this one.. it leaves all with a sense of mystery to it.. what will become of it.. or will it be like many??? Your ending and a few points shows you know nothing will come from it.. which is often the case... not always sad as sometimes the empasse could be one of sadness or confusion which is sometimes better to leave well enough alone sometimes! Thank you for sharing.. interesting and compelling write! =)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 1, 2009




I'm a brooding poet who has been writing since middle school. My writing has a tendency of being rather dark...and I like it that way. I am female who is 20 years old and I'm currently in colle.. more..

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