A Poem by Immanuel

I don't know

I'm in a particular state I think nothing and everything's great.

I want to live and die for Christ's sake.


This is no game but I still play the long hand until all my cards are flushed away.

I'm a f*****g live wire that's been grounded too long.

I good man that's been bad too long.

Why does every thought and sentence seem like lyrics from a song.

I'm alive and I breathe tonight.

You and I
We'll fight

For whatever on this earth is worth fighting for.


Keep it moving on.


Get along.

Just a little... .... ...

Us is no longer a state of kind

Only a state mind achieved when I'm feeling low oooooooo.

This world is a place to unload my angst

Another place to hang
My weary head.

F**k, I've made it a bit too far

Survival wasn't in the cards

For mee ee

But it seems




And it seems

Nothing could be more clear.

I'll live

I'll breathe


I like it or not.

Oh woah oh woah ooh.

Oh woah ooh ooh ooooooh.

Don't stop the feeling.

The tender foolish beating of your ha-eart.

You idiot,

You fool, the lives we live

Are as tools.

Every man his service

Every woman her use

Both taken for granted both


No rhyme

No reason

Only the existence and pain

Why do I feel

Why do I play this game.

Im tired and weary And no help will come.

But when life asks if I want more
I grimace and say gimme some!!

Im a masochist a survivor

A troubled troubled soul

A person not foolish enough

To seek something to fill the soul.

My paramore my blessing my everlasting curse

It seems life is my lesson that must be put into verse

So Feel
The Flames
Of Life

In Full
Burning Power

And For Once

The Truth.

© 2016 Immanuel

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Added on November 16, 2016
Last Updated on November 16, 2016



"Writer" with overly Ambitious Goals, and a Messiah Complex. I do my best. also since this is a thing. I'm new here. more..

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