A Poem by Flames_of_Desire

For a certain Mr.Wall.// It's not the best,but it's the truth.


An endless path of depression you walk upon.

A demon and a bio-hazard in your eyes,

your heart veiled by experiences

Colored black and blue and Empty Gray.


Your tears run red along your

papyrus skin,tarnished by exhaustion and pain

A crimson shadow accompanies your footsteps as

your mind contemplates Fate.


In your thoughts,you are running from pain,

your Dead Or Alive Poster is written in your own blood.

When in truth,when you sprint towards your "salvation",

you sprint away from your True Salvation.


A Council of Shades stands before you.

You plead guilty,looking longingly at the guillotine.

The courtroom door explodes open

as a burning silhouette pleads your innocence.


The gun you hold has two barrells:

One pointing towards your chest,a larger one pointing

towards the silhouette holding out his hand

for your gun and begging you not to do it.


As you pull the trigger,a bullet doth not fly from your end,

but two fly from the second,landing hard

into the silhouette's chest. A tear falls from his eye.

Darkness sets in


A cold wind blows from the South,

taking the smoke and blowing it towards you.

De-animation sets in as the silhouette shows it's face.

It's mask falls.


Your face appears above a pitch-black suit.

Two holes bore into your chest and forehead

A short-lived mist emanating from your body is

blown away gently.


Everyone around you weeps,their tears staining everything

a shade of wet black,roses falling from their hands

and a white-hot coldness settles in around you.

Forever more, your life will be gone.


A goodbye slips by your lips,

for your wife-not-to-be,

for your future children-not-to-be,

for everyone whom thought you deserved much more.


To quote something famous,
"Death brings Sorrow.I am filled with Sadness;

I am filled with Sorrow."

A soft sob comes from your voice


But not your mouth.

Your misting-away body sobs ever-so-silently.

The fire returns to the body.
"Don't waste it on a bullet..."


© 2010 Flames_of_Desire

Author's Note

Ignore grammar please,and don't comment saying it's emo;It's to help someone dear to me. I hope you feel better, brother

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It's epic man,check out some of my stuff when you can for I now have a writercafe :3

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 23, 2010
Last Updated on March 9, 2010
Tags: Death, Sorrow, Suicide, emotion




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