Knocking, a tribute to The Raven

Knocking, a tribute to The Raven

A Poem by Flames_of_Desire

A rewrite of The Raven occurring after Mr. Poe's fatal meeting of the bird.


In my head, as I lay sleeping,

My dreaming mind had begun its weeping,

A somber shadow creeping

At the thought of my lost Lenore


Alas, I heard no sound.
My heart had become hell-bound,

And there was darkness all-around

Except for a quiet rapping at my door.


My heart quickened by a hair,

For there was a sudden sharpness in the air

“’Tis some visitor that gave me this scare.

This it is, and nothing more.”


Yet an eerie feeling followed

And my chest felt hollowed.

So, heart in my throat, I swallowed,

And at my head round eyes did bore.


“Come in, my friend!” I did call

Aloud to the midnight squall,

And into the pitch-dark hall,

In which there held no visitor.


I sighed and shrugged,

Only my shadow on the rug.

When suddenly I felt a tug

As a regal raven flew, and landed, upon my floor.


In the past, of this I heard

Of misfortune and this bird

And as Her name was murmured,

out from the beak came the tell-tale “Nevermore”


Startled, I was taken aback.

An explanation here did lack,

But I expected an attack

from the murderous bird from before.


It walked about

In a royal pout

With its body so stout

Due to the victim in its core.


Of course, I speak of Mr. Poe,

Whom found himself a foe

When in a similar romantic-low

And did not see from which the Raven tore.


With no escape,

Its mouth did gape,

then I felt biting on my nape

that no time could restore


“ Please,dear Raven,

I wish not to be so craven

By having a safe haven”

For my survival I did implore.


The bird just squawked,

Adjusted its maw,

And let out its call,

The fatal “Nevermore”.


But hope I did see

For what next came to be

The answers to my plea

A glowing dove, the shield sent from Lenore.


From its throat

Came a beautiful note

That completely unwrote

And far did that Raven soar.


My final sight

Was a symbol so bright

That saved me that night

The spirit of Lenore.


With her now I sleep,

And with a love so deep,

My soul was gently reaped

So that Raven would bother me Nevermore.


I roam the world with her… Forevermore.

© 2010 Flames_of_Desire

Author's Note

Please review with honest criticism,as I definitely need it.

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Added on June 3, 2010
Last Updated on June 3, 2010




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