A-Musing Writers

A-Musing Writers

A Stage Play by InkedLance

A piece about how cool and uncool being a writer is with relation to the concept of a muse. ^_*

Writers rarely work alone and often require the help of a different spiritual entity as a source of inspiration. This spiritual entity is often referred to as “the voice inside the head” or “the imaginary friend” or, in classical English literature, “the muse” (let's just call it that).

However, the muse and the writer do not always co-exist peacefully. There are various things that the writer must compromise for her muse.


For example, a writer often needs to:

1. Compromise other hobbies…

WRITER: I’m hooome!

MUSE: You’re back!

WRITER: I sure am (throws bag on the floor). Ah, I’m tired now…

MUSE:  You know, I was thinking about that story and�"

WRITER: Later, later. I’m going to watch an episode of “Jigoku Shoujo” now (sits in front of the computer).

MUSE: Hey but�"

WRITER: Mhm… Mhm… Now let me see (typing) … Ji… Go… Ku…

MUSE: Master!

WRITER: What?!

MUSE: (Sighs) Look… Being a writer is about insight and having the dedication and determination to pass on knowledge to another person.

WRITER: (Scrolling through list of episodes on the screen) Mhm… Mhm…

MUSE: A-And that means, like, maybe choosing not to go to that party or watch that TV show or�"

WRITER: Well, too bad because I want to watch this episode of “Jigoku Shoujo”!

MUSE: Ugh! (Storms out)

WRITER: I wish she’d just leave me alone…


2. Compromise sleep…

12am, writer’s bedroom…

WRITER: Zzzz…. Zzzz….

MUSE: (prodding writer’s shoulder) Master! Master!

WRITER: Uuuh… (Rolls over)

MUSE: Quick! Master!

WRITER: What…?

MUSE: You know how we were trying to figure out how Felicien would end up with Percival after she and Raymond got separated in that fight?

WRITER: (Throwing blanket over head) Do we have to do this NOW?!

MUSE: But I had this brilliant idea that�"

WRITER: I’m trying to sleep!

MUSE: But Master!

WRITER: Fine! (Reluctantly rolls out of bed; hits the ground) Ow! (Falls asleep again)

MUSE: Ugh! (Storms out)

WRITER: I… Wish… She’d leave me alone… Zzzz…


3. Compromise time…

WRITER: (slumps onto a couch) Ah… The one spare moment I can have to myself…

MUSE: Master!


MUSE: Let’s go to the backyard!

WRITER: What the heck for?!

MUSE: It’s such a lovely day! (Throws open the curtains)

WRITER: (Covers face with pillow) Argh! It’s so bright!

MUSE: There must be something romantic or poetry-inspiring out there!

WRITER: Sorry�"I’m a modernist.

MUSE: C’mon! (Pulls writer’s ankle)

WRITER: Urrr! (Clings to couch arm)

MUSE: Ugh! (Storms out)

WRITER: (Reverts to slumping position) Gr… I wish she’d leave me alone…


And when it all seems so frustrating…

4. It isn’t really…

WRITER: (throws bag on the floor; slumps onto the grounds) It’s so unfair…

MUSE: What’s wrong?

WRITER: It’s just… I’m always being compared to someone or another�"If it’s not my sister, it’s my cousin (who’s more like the family PRINCESS). And if it’s not her, it’s my dad’s patient�" I’m always just a shadow of someone else…

MUSE: Master…

WRITER: My whole life… I’ve never just been ‘me’�"Always a ‘worse version’ of someone else…

MUSE: (Smiles) Maybe… Maybe that’s why we’re together.

The WRITER is silent.

MUSE: I mean, this is the sort of thing writers write for the world. They’re not just crying for themselves�"it’s for other people too.

WRITER: I don’t get you.

MUSE: Huh?

WRITER: Why don’t you just leave and join my cousin or something? I mean OBVIOUSLY she’s a better writer than me because she gets 15 out of 15 instead of just 13!


WRITER: (Groans) You can just go…

MUSE: … I can’t do that…

WRITER: (Looks up)

MUSE: I stay with you not because you’re beautiful or strong or successful. But because you are the only person I have in this world.

WRITER: R-Really…?

MUSE: Yes. Together, we can create works that can change the world!

WRITER: Th-Then… Don’t ever leave me alone…


© 2013 InkedLance

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D'aw!! What a sweet ending! :D
This is (sometimes) how my own muse behaves...
*Muse storms in; reads comment* Hey! *Muse pouts*

. . .

Excuse me while I go make my muse feel better...

There we go! *Muse bounces away, happy again*
Anyways, this was an entertaining piece, made me laugh. And the ending made me smile - so sweet!
Keep up the great - no, awesome - work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 17, 2013
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