Aura Aura

Aura Aura

A Story by InkedLance

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The crescent moon was hanging platinum in navy blue sky, hiding its scythe form behind clouds like a bandit concealing a poised silver knife. The clan had stood their tents and were now inside laying out cloths to sleep on. The small settlement seemed more like a travelling circus company than a troop of the region’s wisest people.

Seeing no one was around, Cassandra soothed the main campfire with mystic frost. The fire started as a roar, then died to a glint before disintegrating to black ask. Her lavender eyes noticed the amber glow emanating from the Master’s tent amidst entire darkness. The material of her long skirt rustled as she stood up and approached it. She exhaled deeply, casting her gaze to the ground, drawing her long wavy hair over her right shoulder, before whispering just outside it.

“Master?” It escaped her mouth a poor whimper. The Master knew she was there. He was the Master. He knew everything. What could start a war, what would end it, what Fate would dismantle the world with, what would await them afterwards. He knew was the wisest soothsayer who had answers to all these, just never displayed them. Not in front of anyone.

“Cassandra?” Her heart jumped as Agatus’ deep voice resonated through the cold night like funereal melodies penetrating mortality to carress dying souls. Warmth rose in Cassandra’s body until it reached her face as a blossoming blush of blooming camellias. When she shifted the glass bead curtain, the impassioned blaze of the fire inside Agatus’ tent overwhelmed her eyes at first.

“I am sorry for disturbing you, Master.” Cassandra lowered her gaze, scrutinising her hair dishevelled after the long hours she had spent out in the night breeze as she spread out her skirt beside her and knelt at least two metres away from Agatus.

“I was expecting you, of course.” His gentle smile made the flushing effect of the fiery hearth more prominent.

“I am sorry…. I…” She had been sitting for less than five minutes but her body was so heated it was as if he had already touched her. “I… Was just wondering why you were still awake.”

“No reason.” Behind this, he knew what her true intentions were. Why did he have to be so furtive about this skill everyone knew of anyway? Cassandra wondered with hands clenched.

“I-I actually have come for something else�"As you know…” Cassandra calmed her voice as it died away, her forehead placed in reverence on the ground in front of him.”

“Cassandra…” Cassandra could not see his face but knew what his expression displayed already: anxiously furrowed brows, melancholy mingled with love in his abyssal, blue eyes. The desire to glance his tall statue, his arcane gaze, his gentle yet fretful sweetness began to overwhelm her.

I know you know me too well with your divine skill, Cassandra thought miserably to herself. If only I could ease your pain.

She repeated this in her heart as a fervid mantra as Agatus stared at her silently. “I want to know the things you know. The entirety of knowledge that was passed to you. About nature. About people. I want to know with you.” Cassandra grasped the floor in her fingernails, gathering dirt beneath them.

He sighed. “You will find nothing. Nothing but the chaos upon which our existence was created. Even without this divine curse, I can clearly see you only want to know about one person.”

Cassandra raised her head, indignant at his terse attitude towards her. His eyes drank in the image of her panic�"Of course he knew but to be indicated so abruptly!

“No. That’s… That’s not all.” She whispered, averting her gaze. “I didn’t mean to… Think of you in that way. I’m sorry.”

“People are mysterious.” Agatus stood up and stepped closer to her bowed form. “Even when divinity has given them the power of omniscience, to know that loving someone and trying to share that with her will only bring anguish�"It is something I cannot understand.”


“Cassandra,” he knelt down and stared into her eyes, his warm hand placed beneath her slender chin as the fire raged on. “All the knowledge in the world cannot triumph emotion. We are not a race of scientific mechanisms and physical laws. We are sentient beings whose impulses cannot be explained.”

“Master will you�"“

At once, he brought her lips towards his and kissed them earnestly.

“My joy, my anger, my misery… I will show all of it to you...Cassandra.”


Fortune, the Hell spitting fire
While we sleep together
Destroys the canvas upon which

Our Love paints vibrant colours

   Although we will be



                                       I will always

       I will always love you


Amidst the chill suspended like a limp, hanging criminal, a crow’s dissonant caw broke the silence as it beat its wings and took off from the dirt with a violent gust. Morning light was beginning to battle its way through the glass bead curtains that clinked with eerie softness against each other’s refractive segments. A camp fire had been raging during the night but all anyone would remember now is its aggressive crackles fading into a small glow then darkness.

In the corner of the tent, travelling cloaks and silk clothes had been tossed in a disorganised pile of folding fabrics and lace. Cassandra propped her elbows on the ground but lowered them again so she could warm her naked shoulders. She glanced over them and noticed her fingers laced into the network created by Agatus’ silver streams of hair which spilled over the floor. His eyes were still closed, his deep breath constant while a small space between his lips remained where hers had been. His fingertips shifted inwards as if expecting to grasp something. Cassandra crept closer to him, pulling her long wavy hair trapped under her body so she could bring her chin to his sturdy shoulder.

“Master,” the warmth of her breath condensed on his ear. He made no answer, still sleeping like a baby as Cassandra locked her fingers into his. When her hair draped over his chest, she was worried it would irritate him but he did not protest.

She lifted herself for a moment to move a hair from his mouth only to remain gazing at his tranquil expression, the first she had ever seen from him. Other times, a veil of melancholy seemed eternally cast over his anxious expression as he pondered the many things he had been forced to know. Cassandra placed her head beside him and held her arm above them both, his silver silk hair and her lavender waves twirled around her long fingers before tapering down in waterfalls of glowing colours.

Agatus’ eyes opened slightly and turned to her, examining a blush which seeped over her face, discoloured by endless nights of fortune telling in the cave by the shore. Her soft breath fell on his face as she leant in to kiss his cheek.

“Is something bothering you?” He asked as she felt her lips quivering against his face. Her shoulders were warm on his chest and a breast pressed onto his.

Cassandra hid her face which was contorted into a creasy expression of anguish. “Master…?”


“Will you still love me?”


“Even if the world knows what we’ve done?”


“Even if the darkness continues to chase us?”


Cassandra dug her fingers white into his shoulders, shaking as she imagined empty space around her when he held his hand over her face and pressed his lips to it. As if trying to arrest one another’s fall down a steep cliff, their hands gripped each other. Even as slants of light illuminated the pile of ash and soot from last night’s flame, Cassandra and Agatus wept for mercy in their love within a hard embrace.

© 2014 InkedLance

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Added on June 12, 2014
Last Updated on June 12, 2014
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