Spare Key

Spare Key

A Poem by Inyourshadow

Protecting ourselves leaves us isolated

Building Walls brick by brick
formed from knocks and spiteful words,
four protective sides
keeping the world at bay
yet leaving ourselves isolated
a prisoner to our own fears.
Even if we had a door
to whom would we trust the spare key?
Whom would we let in?
Whom would we show our vunerability too
if not you..

then who
my friend...

Then who?

© 2011 Inyourshadow

Author's Note

Sometimes we have to let someone else in

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I love this! The question at the end makes us take a step back and look at ourselves and think 'am I in this same situation?' Love it!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

very nice... I can relate to this... sometimes we ruin ourselves by hiding and holding in things of self... and its so frustrating when we reach for another to open and let go and they wont take the hand... **uuuugghhhh** I understand...
Nice write!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

the too after vulnerability should have one o as it to...I like it. I think we can all relate to having defenses. My answer to then who is perhaps nobody. Well we all should have somebody we can trust, but maybe no person should know all of our vulnerabilities. Then again love is a double edged sword and we always hurt the ones we love the most, but eventually (although not always in the moment) it is worth it if we can grow from it and move past it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wow. Have you been in my head? ;) Sometimes I wonder if my bricks turned to unmovable concrete ....

Posted 7 Years Ago

The key to living a fulfilled, rich life with others is allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to be open...for without knowing the true you, your friends are never truly your friends. It's a difficult and terrifying adventure, but the rewards far outweigh the costs.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Well done. Keep on penning.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Well written and so lived by my bricklaying heart... well penned.. and if not you then who?? xo :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like the moral of this, I''ve always felt "heart-broken open" and this reminded me of why I pursue this state of being so fiercly! Thanks for the reminder :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on November 25, 2011
Last Updated on November 25, 2011
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