And They Call It Justice

And They Call It Justice

A Poem by The Iron Horseman

A commentary on the violence and corruption in our society, expressed in the form of a rock song lyric.


Guns and money, sex, booze and drugs,

Rolls Royce cars and Persian rugs,

We talk about the cream of the crop,

But it's the scum that rises to the top.

Every major fortune's from a major crime,

But the fabulously rich never do time.

They lie, they cheat, they rape, they steal,

All in the name of a business deal.

Crime lords walk 'cause they hire top lawyers,

Penny-ante dealers go down, they're the poor Tom Sawyers.

Killers get out on early release,

Then kill again as soon as they hit the streets.

The system's broken, someone needs to fix it,

But the politicians are bought, so they always nix it.

The law works for those who have the most money,

Gone is the land of milk and honey.

Truth is in the land of the living dead,

Honour is replaced by flying lead,

Integrity has vanished in the wind,

Forgiveness is for those who've never sinned.

If you think the world is a safe place, you're not paying attention,

The crimes committed get nastier and too numerous to mention.

Fight to the death or run and hide,

There's no safe place for you to abide.

Just deal with it!

© 2021 The Iron Horseman

© 2021 The Iron Horseman

Author's Note

The Iron Horseman
This is a hard rock song lyric. I think The Headstones would do a good job on this one.

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High great lyrics loved it
I listen to a lot of midnight oil band from Australia they still going from the 70s just came bk last year they sing songs re politics songs of meaning justice freedom land etc

Posted 3 Years Ago

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The Iron Horseman

3 Years Ago

Thanks Julie.
I have a couple of Midnight Oil albums from the 80's! I thought they were long .. read more

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1 Review
Added on April 16, 2021
Last Updated on April 16, 2021
Tags: corruption, violence, society, politics, death, destruction, inequity, decay


The Iron Horseman
The Iron Horseman


Aspiring new writer. I enjoy writing stories, poems and song lyrics. In fact most of my poems are song lyrics! All constructive input is welcome. If you think something sucks, tell me so. I won't be o.. more..