Fetal Position

Fetal Position

A Poem by Chelle

When on the brink of insanity, there's no better expression of despair

Just breathe

While they stand over
With their smug expressions
With their condescending stares

Don't let them break you
You tell yourself over
And over

But all the effort you put forth
To satisfy them
Renders to be nothing
But worthless actions
All in vain
As your father expresses
Exactly what he's thought of you
All these years

Throughout your volunteer work
Your late night studies
Your quiet demeanor
Your graduation from high school and enrollment into college
Little S**t

All over your struggles
Everything good you've ever done
Turned to waste
And all that matters
Is your mistakes
The sins you've committed
Against them
For being such an ungrateful

You beg for their torment
To cease

You cry constantly
Stop it.
Please stop.

Oh, look at her!
Mother exclaims as she bursts into laughter

Tears stream down your cheeks
As you plead over
And over
Remembering that this
Is all you come home to

"Tough love"
They call it
As you fall onto your knees
On the brink of insanity
Crying from the pain
That's metastasized in your heart
Trying to express
How it hurts
How all their words
Reopen the closed wounds
You thought had healed
And while you're curled
Fetal position
Lying on the cold floor
You hear mother laugh so
How she howls with amusement
At your torment
So you scream
You scream as loudly as possible
Straining your vocal chords
Clamping your hands to your ears
As you try desperately to drown
The laughter
The mockery of it all
All in the name of

© 2013 Chelle

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Added on December 1, 2013
Last Updated on December 1, 2013
Tags: disturbed, insanity, despair, hurt, abuse, emotional, drama, poem, breakdown




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