Chapter One- Hidden Cove

Chapter One- Hidden Cove

A Chapter by Ivy Stanton

At last summer was here, a time of warmth and everlasting fun. I kissed the cold weather and the death of winter goodbye weeks ago, ready to welcome in the excitement of my new beginning. Finally it was time, school had just ended and I was ready to move forward and let go of the past years drama. 
"Hey Kiles!" I heard a familiar voice outside my window, as I walked towards it I could feel the warm breeze of the air. I looked down to see a short shaggy blonde haired boy, waving to me. "Matt!" I smiled and waved back. Matt had been my best friend ever since I moved here just last August. Keystone Heights wasn't always the easiest place to fit in as a new kid, but Matt had welcomed me ever since the moment I set foot into this town. 
I threw on a pair of my light blue flip flops, hoping that they matched at least somewhat with my tan shorts and white v-neck. "See you later mom, I'm going out to the beach with Matt." I knew she wouldn't reply, my mom had been too obsessed in her new boyfriend ever since we moved to this place. It wasn't hard to get away with doing whatever I wanted here. 
"Well look who finally came outside." Matt was always picking on me for my lack of speed when it came to getting ready, but with his crooked smile and blue eyes I couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, be lucky it was five minutes under the usual!" I pointed my finger as if scolding him, until we both started giggling. "So, you ready or what?" He was too impatient, I had only just set foot out of my house. "Of course I'm ready! It's the first day of summer, I'm ready for anything." If only I could have meant what I said. 
We started out down the road and walked as far as what use to seem like forever on foot. I had gotten use to it of course, after having walked it for weeks now. "Ugh it's so hot!" Matt started to laugh and say something, but I cut him off. This heat left me in no mood for smart remarks. "Well, it is summer." Of course, he said it anyways. Just as I was about to yell at him, I noticed a small dirt pathway leading to the water. "Finally, we're here." He smiled. 
It had sort of become a routine to go to this beach, or cove as we called it. Most people didn't know it existed, or didn't care at least. Matt and I on the other hand, were quite enthralled when we discovered it. There were palm trees all around, so that nobody in town could view it from the road. We sat at the edge of the pond, and I dipped my feet in. The cold water felt relieving after our long walk from my house. I glanced around, trying to take in every bit of the beautiful area that surrounded me. The view of this place never got old, I wished I could take a million pictures, but even that many could never be enough. Across from me was a tiny stream that flew into the pond, which created a small waterfall over a few rocks. The water glistened with the bit of sunlight that was flowing through the leaves in the trees, it was perfect here. 
My train of thought was interrupted by a loud crashing sound. "Great, thunder." I muttered. "Common, we better head back." Matt's mood was just as dampened as mine. 
"Stupid weather, it had no problem with not raining while school was in session." I rolled my eyes and stood up. "I know what you mean." Matt muttered and began heading for the small dirt hill. "What do you say we call this place Hidden Cove?" He added. I smiled in return. "Sure, it's perfect."
When we reached the top of the hill there was a tall slim red headed girl there waiting for us. Her name was Jess, and she had been friends with Matt before I had moved here. Note that I said had been, he seemed to lose interest in her after I moved, which secretly delighted me. "Hi.." She almost whispered. "Oh hey Jess." Matt replied blankly. I could tell he missed her, it was the way his face looked whenever he'd see her. It made me feel uncomfortable, and almost jealous. I wished she would just go away. "Um, we still on for tonight?" I could tell she was the real uncomfortable one at the moment, and I almost felt bad for her for a second. "Oh yeah sure, see you at seven?" What was he talking about? "Okay, I'll see you then." Her face showed a faint smile, but only for a second. Then she turned and walked away.
"What was that all about?" I asked, my tone seeming a bit edgy. "Oh it's nothing, trust me. Anyways, let's try this again tomorrow?" I could tell he was attempting to change the subject. "Yeah, sure.. See you." I turned and began walking towards my street, I didn't even look to see what direction he was headed. All I was focused on is what his business with Jess was, and why so secret? I would find out, I wasn't the type of girl to be left out of things.

© 2011 Ivy Stanton

Author's Note

Ivy Stanton
This chapter may seem a big boring? Things will speed up in the next one, I promise. Tell me what you think :).

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