The Jack Jones Line of Work

The Jack Jones Line of Work

A Story by Ivy Smiley

This story is about a line of work that could be counted as insane.

My name is Jack, also known as JJ . I'm twenty seven and on my way to aa life of hell. I've been running with my pawpaw since I can remember. Every morning we wake up, hand shake, and run to work. What I do for a living isn't  something anyone sane would say is okay but I'm not sane. Today me and paw are going to a grocery store. This is how it works. I first go to the back of the store,I just dyed my hair blonde so we could do this. I also have to wear shades , black pants with chains, and a white T-shirt. My paw wanted to go for a deadly look so he wears a black bird costume. This job will give us a lot of money. We have our dsr-1 in our pants but in paw's way it'd be in his pouch. I'm so used to this job I can walk in and walk right out without a problem but I like a little of mystery.So paw goes at the front of the store. I am right now sitting at the meat isle at the very back. This is one of this towns local stores but it's about to be blown away with excitement and attention I'm guessing since it always happens. I walk up to the target once I see it scrolling past me. I grab it by the neck and throw it on the floor, while it's in the air, I shoot. I aimed right and it landed face down. It's in a blood of it's own. I wait to see if the target is in complete deadliness but this one is so I take the head and snap it off then set it on the floor, I aim at my paw who says the signal (which is yelling all kinds of curse words at the front). I kick the head to him, he catches and starts running. I put my gun back in my pocket and walk out of the emergency door which will make the alarm go off and sprinklers. Everyone runs out the store when this happens. Yes, the fire department is called when this happens but does it look like I care? I go and start running, every time me and paw get a job we make a spot in which we meet after. I then run to that spot removing my white shirt to reveal a black tank top , remove my baggy pants with chains while grabbing my gun out of the pocket revealing blue shorts, I pop out my blue contacts ,stuff them in my short pockets while stuffing the gun in them too. I run over to the loading docks at the beach to meet him and he has removed his black bird costume revealing red shorts and a white tank top.He says he found a black bag on the side of the road and stuffed the head in there. Whenever he started running he takes the head and places it in the costume head so he won't have to carry it in his arms then when he finds something to set it in, he grabs it and loses the costume. We then rent a boat at the renting place and take it off in the ocean. We ride all the way to some island located in a far distance place from land, where the boss stays. We then knock on a door located in the middle of the island. A person says "You may come in servant team 4482". We climb down a ladder and go into the main mansion to see the boss. He sits on a couch laying there with his wife and one child boy. This child boy is really my cousin who got adopted by the boss when I said something to the boss three years ago. 
Boss says, "So you boys come back with my exchange?"
I say "Yes sir, 100% and the head."
Boss says, "Good job and you remembered, how thoughtful of you."
I say ,"It's the least I can do, after a run in with Sara today I was going to be worried that she knew it was me but it's all fine now."
Boss says with doubt ,"You should have never left her, she was a good woman to you."
I start feeling a little tense, " I know but I don't want her getting hurt. You understand. Anyways, paw has the head in this bag for you." ,I smile and point a paw.
Paw then smiles at me and sets the bag on the table.
Boss's child looks at me, "How are you JJ?"
I smile, "I would do better if you'd do better on your homework."
He smiles back, "I'll do all of it just for you."
I pat him on the head, " That's a good lil man, you'll make someone very happy someday."
Boss smiles, " He already has." , he points at him and his wife.
Boss's little man smiles.
Paw looks at boss with a slightly tired look, "Boss, may we have the money and we'll be on our way home, it was fun spending time with all of you but we must get rest soon so we can go to the next job tomorrow."
Boss smiles, "Yes, here you go, if you need more than this you let me know and you two can go do another job for me." 
We get on the boat, run home, i dye my hair black, set out my outfit/ cover up for tomorrow, and we go to bed ready for tomorrow.
My line of work is assassination. Don't do it at home kids. 

© 2014 Ivy Smiley

Author's Note

Ivy Smiley
Please tell me what you think and if I should do another story on this person.( It is not a real person, It's a name I thought of when I got to name my cat)

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Added on June 9, 2014
Last Updated on June 9, 2014
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Ivy Smiley
Ivy Smiley

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