Tell Me Somthing

Tell Me Somthing

A Poem by Julio Cesar Ruiz

I wrote this for my art project and theres a picture that goes with it.


Tell Me Something


Tell me something,

Anything at all,

It can be about love,

Or even about standing tall.


Tell me something new,

Something random, something sweet,

Tell me what you want,

Just make sure it’s a treat.


I wanna hear you say it,

Just you and no one else,

I wanna hear you mean it,

Tell me, just you by yourself.


Please, let me hear you speak,

Just let me hear it, your voice,

don’t me quiet nor meek,

Just a sound, just a noise.


I can hear you lying still,

Hear you moving not a sound,

I can see you lying still,

I can see you lying on the ground.


I beg you, please don’t say goodbye,

I don’t wish this true,

To see you lie is a lie,

I don’t want to leave you.


Tell me what you said before,

Make me cry with your smile,

Didn’t you say love lasts forevermore?

To protect me from what’s vile?


Why don’t you smile,

You look as though you sleep,

I hold you close all the while,

A river flows one so deep.


My heart strings become frail,

Just your sight is enough now,

To make me weak and pale,

To see the man who wouldn’t bow.


I beg you to speak,

To say but a sound,

Can’t you see,

That I hold you on the ground?


You’ve lost your color now,

How pale and white you look,

The warmth has left your touch,

As your will the reaper took.


The river has become an ocean,

My body drowns within,

Though I don’t try to leave,

Because what’s the point to win?


You lost your battle to the odds,

Though you promised you would win,

Yet you refused to kneel before the Gods,

Just to despite them with your grin.


But your blood flows free,

And your life is now gone,

The tears of heaven continue to fall,

Even as the morning dawned.


I don’t want you to go,

Yet you already left me,

Did I cross your mind,

When your blood spilled free?


You left for battle,

You left for glory,

You left me,

Were you really ever sorry?


You held my hand,

You held my heart,

You said you loved me,

And that we’d never part.


Tell me something,

don’t stay still,

Tell me everything,

Please say that you will.


You made a promise,

You gave me your word,

wasn’t it you who said,

That you’d never fall to a sword?


Now more than ever,

I wonder aloud,

If you ever loved me,

Or were you just too proud.


Take me now before you leave,

Take me away,

Take my heart on my sleeve,

Here as lovers lay.


Tell me something,

What would you say,

If I took my life,

Because I couldn’t stay?

© 2010 Julio Cesar Ruiz

Author's Note

Julio Cesar Ruiz
I hope this had the same impact on all of you who read this as it did on me. this is truly one of my most prized pieces of art.

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Added on December 6, 2010
Last Updated on December 6, 2010


Julio Cesar Ruiz
Julio Cesar Ruiz

Hollister, CA

Damn its been a while since Ive last been on here. well Im back and I plan on udating regurlary from now on, like twice a month if I can, mayb more but it depends on my schedule. .. more..