God and Everything

God and Everything

A Story by John Carver

Nothing got so unstable because it was so huge that it became conscious like man is before he notices anything or is aware even of himself. Then it when God noticed himself he had three, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit but none of them had a name; God was and so were his Three persons and it is so.
But in the beginning nothing was greater than any other infinity for it spread far beyond where it was irrelevant if there was any more of it; it had no end and no beginning and even yet does not exist as anything  but the absence of anything. It was dark and endless with water at the bottom of it for the Three realized it was there and so it was so for it was not but it was not empty for Jesus, though he had no name yet was there and he was light. It was dark but the Three shined in the light which was Jesus.
Then God said, "Let there be light," and there was light for Jesus pulled infinite space in upon itself until there was that beyond infinity and the rest; infinite space including the nameless Jesus. Then Jesus made all things both those that are thought and those that were made out of light. That which was thought was first and then everything that glowed in the light, which was Jesus, now called the Word for God had ordered it and Jesus did it to make the Word which translated from thought to English can only be translated as the command, "Let there be light."
Jesus separated the darkness and water from that beyond infinity which would be if God created anymore of it which he did not because it was limitless and there was darkness and water and the black hole that Jesus made to draw space from the place not even a place beyond infinite space. The Three were in the black hole until Jesus started making everything that could be which was in the Father's mind though he also had no name and in the mind of the Holy Spirit and in Jesus' mind.
They made everything that could ever be in such a way it was made over and over or in endless redundancy before Jesus caused it to exit the black hole which was filled with everything and became idle space with everything else that was made stretching out to the infinite like endless space and it was so and will be forever. One can go forever in any direction in the three dimensional universe and on into the infinite number of dimensions in every direction and not reach an end of that which was made until to go any farther would result in it not being a thing that anyone even God has done for there was no point in it anymore. Then God said, "Let the water be a surface that is infinite and let the water below it be divided from the water that is above it and he called that flat surface Heaven for it is in another dimension than the earth. But he said of the earth, "Let the waters be drawn together and separated from the waters around it and let the waters drain away from the land, that Jesus had made inside the waters that were surrounded by water as a consequence to everything he had made which were made by him causing the elemental particles to become more dense and make energy like electricity, and the neutrons and protons of all possible things in the atoms and of all matter, and it was so. After that they made the vegetation, then the fish and birds and finally the animals before he made man and gave them the command to take care of all the animals and it took only six days which were many times the length of a day on earth but all part of the same time but the length of time in heaven became a thousand days to one day on earth and throughout the rest of the solar system which still have no name with all the planets and asteroids and comets that Jesus made for they were in the mind of the Three.
Now the Father made man out of the dust in heaven and gave him life by blowing into his nose and called the first man, the man or Adam in the language of the Hebrews. He also made a female later, the man called the mother of all living or Eve in Hebrew.
He also made the angels and the angel Satan who was sent to test the couple to see whether indeed they were made in God's image. But Satan messed up and caused them to disobey God requiring that he be cursed forever for he could not be trusted any longer just to do what God said for he used deception and not just a deception but the most irresistible deception possible lying when he said that they would be like the Gods for they were only made in their image and not exactly them forcing Jesus to die to take the penalties of man on himself which some men and women accepted including all of original man now a living being on earth that was the very image of God though it took many remakes of some of them like those who didn't believe that Jesus was God come in the flesh to earth then both God and man and the Son of God when the Holy Spirit caused him to be born the Son of God and raised him from the dead making him God's Son for God commanded it be so just as Christians are the sons and daughters of Christ for we must die to reach heaven all except one who will go to heaven and live as a God in his original human body for he was a God from birth it being necessary for what happened to him to take place.
But he is the son of Christ for Christ saved him as he did any of those saved by him but not the son of God for God never begot him before or after he was born a God. Even his body was made by a system of matter which was created by light, Jesus Christ who first made the random things which those not of earth evolved from. They made earth as the next God made thing and man as the ultimate thing they could create but those out in the alien planets do not know God that they might worship him and though ignorant are evil for that fact alone and since Jesus will never die again that we in him will not ever die he cannot die again and that be so unless in the end of humanity, those that rose by evolution from common ancestors to inbreed with man to wind up as intelligent as man was no more but they have no common ancestor anymore for they are extinct and the altered man that remains as much man as man was with no difference all the recessive genes being lost to them after the extinction of the human animal.
But the earth will always exist except the last generation of changed man which is thrown into the lake of burning sulfur with the fallen angels and maybe even all ghosts except the spirits of saved man and the gods in who was originally the Three for the fire from heaven does figuratively destroy both heaven and earth for no one will be aware of the earth being the one of the last generation nor the heavens being that one either when the new Jerusalem comes down to earth created by Jesus the way Light created everything which is my condensing the elemental particles to make first energy then matter and sometimes back and forth.  The human body is still the fallen body of Adam and then Eve made of water, the bottom of the first place and blood the place of their life. The new man will procreate or have children but it will not be evil for a long time into the future there being no evil for them to know but that left in the lake of fire and the empty space beyond where all of man winds up after all they did is forgotten for God is not mean and no one by that time will remember any of Satan's goof.
May it be Father. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen because God always says, "Yes," to the prayers of the saints even to making as many gods as possible, gods of an entire new solar system to replace the godlessness of the universe as that son of Christ's is true today to be edited by Paul far off in the future when he acts as the one that son prophesied was coming to earth. And all of God's children say, "Amen."

© 2021 John Carver

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Added on May 3, 2021
Last Updated on May 3, 2021


John Carver
John Carver

Bemidji, MN

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