A Story by Joey Nizz

My grandfather grew up in a little town by the sea in 1922
he was 13 when he was growing up in a little town called Muharaq
He worked day and night til' he was able to buy some respect and build a store

Let me now tell you a story in a form of a poem that is designed like a dream
I don't know why I have to tell it in writing but I know what it means
Just picture it as you close your eyes, and look at the scene
As I paint it to you, it was 1952
A man named Aesa suddenly woke up
Aesa was not a solider
He was just a humble man with a family that owned a store in Muharaq
But on that day, he dragged him self outta bed like he always did
Toast, eggs and orange juice with the wife and kids
He lived on the ground floor of a little store he ran
He grew up and made himself into a man
But they still called him an alien
In Arabic, he told us that he was called "Sajeen al Jazeera"
That meant, a prisoner of the island
When everybody was afraid of the English, afraid of the Portuguese
Bust most of all
Afraid of a homeland attack
But on a particular mornin' when Aesa went out to the doormat
His vision and world went black
Right there!
Front page news
15 days before 1962
The shores of Muharaq were being invaded and the Portuguese are coming!
Pictures and flash backs of innocent farmers and workers dyin' and runnin!
Aesa knew exactly where is this leading to
Just like he guessed the paper news said
The evil Portuguese had their sights on Bahraini's in their home town will be locked away
They gave Aesa just a couple of hours
To get his family and his lives work in two bags
He couldn't even pack his clothes
Some people who lived near didn't even have a suitcase to pack their stuff in
so 2 trash bags was all that was given to them
When his kids asked mom "ma where we going?"
No one even knew what to say to them!
Aesa didn't wanna lie he said that the Portuguese were looking for an evil one from one of their kind!
So they lived in a place called Arad
Where a Lot of Bahraini's are!
Sshhhhh stop it! don't look it the riffle men!
You don't wanna get the Portuguese wondering...
If you ran or stayed or not
Cause of you ran then you might get a shot
But please other than that just try not to think about it
Try not to worry or get so claustrophobic 
For being so crowded
Someday. someday.. we will all get out and have our freedom! someday.. someday...

As soon as the invasions fight started
The riffle men showed up, and they came to the Bahraini's and
Hey! you have to come!
All of the Bahraini's that were held captive had to go
They took Mr. Idris
And the people didn't understand
Why did they have to take him?
He was just an innocent worker

So now they're in a town with soldiers surrounding them
Every night and day looking down on them
On horses and patrols shooting some while holding their backs to the wall
Aesa didn't really show hate on them that much, not at all
They were just doing their job and
He just didn't wanna have any problems
He had a little garden with vegetables and fruits
He gave the riflemen troops a basket that had them that his wife made
But in the back of his mind, he just wanted his families and everyone's life saved
Prisoners of an invasion of their own country what for!

As time passed in the prison town
He wondered if they would live to see salvation, if and if that day comes!
The only way was joining the resistance
And supposedly, some men went out for the resistance and signed on
That ended up burning down their very own country with grenade bombs!
That 14 oz blasts put an end to the invasion pretty fast!
Two ends of the town were burnt to bits, the end of the invasion came pretty quick

Aesa came out, big hopes for his normal life back with his kids and wife
But later they got back to their home and
what they saw made them feel fear and feel so alone
There were people deciding in every room
Heads smashed to their windows and necks bashed between doors
Words are written on the walls that said
Bahraini's are not welcomed anymore!

Aesa dropped his bags at his sides and just stood in shock outside
He looked at his kids and his wife with no words to say
They looked back at him and his wife said: "someday everything will be back to normal, someday.."

Now the names have been changed, but the story's true,
My family was locked up back in 1962
My family was there it was dark and damp
And they called it a confinement camp

I remember my grandfather told me
When they came back from the camp it was really, really bad
And I remember my Grandma said:
Did you think we wouldn't have made it out alive?
Then my grandma died just 2 days after the stories end.

© 2018 Joey Nizz

Author's Note

Joey Nizz
Muharaq is a town and the first town that was in a country called Bahrain where I am from.
Arad was an area that was part of Muharaq.

This was inspired by a song called "Kenji" That was similar to my grand fathers story.

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War ! I despise it , it only brings tragedy and loss and misfortune ! >_<
Your grandparents are legends and you are telling their stories *-*
This is very nice and sad as well, to imagine how people were treated, and than murdered ! To live with fear every second, to feel unsafe in your own country, to be without shelter, without food, separated from your family, afraid of talking or walking or ... Because at any moment you can be shot or explode by a grenade falling from no where !
This tragedy it historical and it shall be remembered as well as the bravery and courage of the fighters and soldiers !
Good job !

Posted 2 Years Ago

Joey Nizz

2 Years Ago

I hate war and disputes or anything related! people should be happy with what they have instead of a.. read more
Black Jess

2 Years Ago

True enough !
you"re welcome ^^

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Joey Nizz
Joey Nizz

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A Story by Joey Nizz