A Dog in the Rain

A Dog in the Rain

A Story by Jack Fitzpatrick Kelly

A short story.


When was it last that I had kibble in my bowl. When was it last that I lapped up a drink of water. I wanted to play.  I wanted a place that wasn't so hot in the day and so humid at night. I wanted my toy, the silly yellow lizard with the squeaker in his tail. I wanted the furry little creature in the tree to come down and say hello. I wanted the little kids who would tease me and throw rocks who would run away in shrills when I would bark. I wanted a chain loose enough so that I fully stand up. I wanted my friend back. His happiness was my happiness, his sorrow was my burden that I carried on my shoulders. I wanted my friend back. But there was only me, the tree and the chain.

I’m not a bad dog. There was such a big commotion. I couldn't be a bad dog. They all left in such a hurry. Maybe I'm a bad dog. All these rumbles make me feel scared. I think I'm a bad dog. There is no table for me to hide under. I'm a bad dog. The tree will keep me safe. Bad dog.

There is no more blue, only grey. The rumbles become louder. No longer do I stick my tongue out for no purpose, I try and get any precious drops that fall off the tree. I become wet. The wind starts to howls. I howl, but the wind is louder. All of the rain picks up. I come as close as I can to the tree. My feet are in a puddle. I lap it up. I am no longer thirsty, just cold. It keeps coming down. The water gets higher. I keep my nose above it. I want my friend. I want to live. But there is only the tree and the chain.

© 2020 Jack Fitzpatrick Kelly

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Jack Fitzpatrick Kelly
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Added on August 26, 2020
Last Updated on August 26, 2020
Tags: Dogs, Storms, Climate change, Lost, abandonment, Beast, Good boy, Death of innocence, Death, Sad, Depressing, Depression, Storm, Hurricane, Chain, Tree, Animal, Lovely, Water, Food, Friend, Determination, Life, Great


Jack Fitzpatrick Kelly
Jack Fitzpatrick Kelly

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