My Mothers Slippers

My Mothers Slippers

A Chapter by My Fair Lady

Prompt #2 alternate ending to Cinderella Fairytale













Dearest Diary

I have worked and toiled all day pampering and preening my step sisters. Drucilla insisted on ringlets. Her hair is as course as a horses main and just as difficult to brush. I would surely seen the strap if I would have said anything about it.

Thank you dearest diary for being my friend.


Precilla and those awful feet! How could a girl smell like a barnyard stall. I swear. Nine of her 10 toenails were ingrown and curled and yellow. I scraped the callous off her feet for hours. I don’t understand how she even has calluses on her feet. They seriously should be on her backside because all she does is sit on it. Perhaps I should be grateful that I didn’t have to scrape that.


Dearest Diary

They have left for the ball without me. It is just as well. I would not fit in anyhow


Dearest Diary

Something magical happened. I don’t really understand it myself. Suffice it to say that I saw a light, and then I was in my mother’s dress, perfectly preened. Next thing I know I was being whisked away by a carriage and taken to the castle. I don’t know if it was a dream. If it was it was perfect. Simply perfect. In my dream I danced the night away with the prince. The prince. I heard the clock.. Oh… I ran home all the way home in my bare feet. I lost my mothers slipper.. I went to the chest to see if it was there.. It wasn’t.. Do dreams steal shoes?


Dearest Diary

This afternoon the king’s court came to the door with my shoe and that stupid Precilla said it was hers!

They tried it on her foul foot and it fit her! How can this be! I should have never scraped those awful calluses.

They loaded her up into the royal carriage like a princess, Stepmother and Drucilla hid behind hankies crying tears of joy.


Well… I will have none of that. You know me. I snuck down the back woods and though the forest. When the royal carriage passed under my favorite branch.. I dropped the matching shoe on the driver’s head. The entire company was halted and I was arrested! What a day.

Back at the castle they put me in a cell in the basement with no light or sound. How did this happen? After a few hours the guards pulled me from the cell and threw me in a wagon and took me to the lake.

They just threw me in. I think they thought I would drown.. But you know me.. I swam like a fish to the center of the lake peeling skirts off as I went to make me faster. Hmmm. Fool men and all their armor could not catch me. (smiling to self)


They sat on the bank watching me and I watched them back with glaring eyes. Soon a rider came. It was the prince! He saw me in the water and recognized me right away. My shoes were laced round his saddle horn. I wanted those shoes… so.. I swam back and walked right up out of that lake and demanded the return of my mother’s shoes.


All the guards and even the prince seemed totally surprised, why.. They were my shoes and I wanted them back now, I was not about to lose the only thing I have left of her. 


The prince unlaced them and held them out to me. As I reached for them, I caught his smirky boyish smile that totally turns me. He remembered me.


It was then that I realized that I was naked as the day is long.

Yes… Naked.


I quickly bowed to royalty certain that I would be beheaded.


Instead the price dismounted and wrapped me in his cloak, picked me up and put me on his stallion as he walked along side to keep him directed. Later that day I met with queen mother and king father and that evening king father married John and I in a private ceremony.


Whew, what a day. I guess a girl can change her stars, and I got my slippers back. 


P.S.  Did I mention that I'm a princess now? 

© 2010 My Fair Lady

Author's Note

My Fair Lady
I don't generally write stories. Please be gentle.

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I love it! I don't care if you write stories or not! I love how you made it a diary entry telling everything that happened. That's what a writer does. The point of prompts is to train writers and their ability to stray from what they normally write about. Keep up the good work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

you are as rich in heart and mind and imagination a storyteller as you are a poetess~

Posted 13 Years Ago

you always were a princess

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Chapter by My Fair Lady

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