Body engraved

Body engraved

A Story by Misty_Prophet

Nathan finds out he is suffering from schizophrenia, and his wife Carrie is there to guide him into healing.Why does Nathan recognizes her as an old girlfriend he had left for her best friend Sabrina?

- Don't look at me like it's my fault! You wanted to play, now pay, honey...
      She was looking into his eyes, smiling. He was reluctant to give away his money, but he had to. There was no way resisting that sweet look. She seemed so happy, like a little child. Nathan pushed the chips across the table.
- I've never seen a poker face like yours. - He said honestly.
- Baby, what can I say... I'm the best!
- Yeah, you are. That's why I love you.
- Aw, baby... - She embraced him in a hug, giving him a peck on the lips. 
- Promise me, we'll never play poker again?
- Ok. - She giggled and left in the direction of the bedroom. Then she stood still at the door giving him a mysterious glance, while playing with fingers through her blonde hair. - It'll be a shame not to play poker again... I really wanted to try strip poker, but if you don't want to... - She disappeared into the bedroom, with a smirk on her face.
- What? C'mon... Really funny now... Baby? Tell me you were just kidding. - He was hoping she could hear him, cause the doors were closed. - Hun?
     After a couple of seconds, a low voice answered with a chuckle.
- You'll never know...
*      *      *
     When Nathan opened his eyes, he couldn't be more confused. It started with the place. Where was he? Why is he sitting in a chair, with hands tied up behind his back? Why can't he remember anything after playing poker with Sabrina? What's up with this headache? It seems as if it is piercing through his brain. When his vision cleared up, he closely looked around the room. It was a living room, all in red and white colors. There was a fireplace in front of him, and on it, there were pictures of him and a woman. It wasn't Sabrina. He needed to get away fast. Ropes were tied up really strong and Nathan had trouble getting them off. Couple of cuts bruised his skin, as he tried to be quiet as possible. A woman appeared at the door, holding a platter. There were cookies on it, and she just smiled at the look of him. 
- Great, you woke up. I baked your favorite cookies, they are still warm.
     She put the platter on a table. Nathan looked at her surprised. She was wearing a black pencil dress and a white shirt. Her brown hair flowed over her shoulders. She wore a red lipstick, and it made her look sensual. Her eyes were green, and as soon as Nathan looked at them, he remembered.
- Carrie?
- Yes, silly... Of course it's me. Your wife. Who else would it be?
- No. Sabrina is my wife. Where is she?
- Honey, who is Sabrina? Did you had one of your dreams again? Here, I brought you your pill.
     Carrie took a pill from the platter and tried to give it to him. He turned his head on the side, determined not to take it.
- Doctor said you need to take one per day. What's wrong Nathan?
- You! Everything is wrong. Where is Sabrina? Where the hell am I?
- You are home. Safe. Please calm down, or I will have to sedate you again.
- Sedate me?
- Yes. You went crazy last night and I did what the doctor told me. I took one of the syringes with a sedative inside and I... I'm sorry I stabbed you so hard in your leg.
      When she mentioned it, a sharp pain struck his leg. It disappeared as fast as it came. Nathan wondered how was this possible? Carrie was his old girlfriend. Sabrina's best friend, back in the day. He left her, because of Sabrina. Why is Carrie standing in front of him?
- I'm not crazy... Tell me what you did with Sabrina! - He yelled, trying to stand up, but he couldn't. His legs were tied up to the chair.
- No, you are not crazy... Just schizophrenic... Don't you remember the doctors and the therapy?
- What doctors? You're just trying to fool me, aren't you? Let me loose.
- No, I can't. Not until you take the pill.
- F**k you and your pill! I wanna leave this place. Now!
- Nathan, that's enough! How long must I put up with this kind of behavior?! You think it's easy for me?
     She put the pill down on the table, and stormed out of the room. Nathan fell silent. Schizophrenia? Could it be? But Sabrina... She felt so alive. It couldn't be just a dream. But why would Carrie go through all this trouble? She was so mad because of Sabrina, and for her, they were both as good as dead. Then what's up with those pics on the fireplace? There they were. Hugging and kissing, in the park, at the beach, in the country... Is this how a madman feels? What if he really is mad? There is no other way to explain this situation. He probably imagined Sabrina and got lost in the dream, while at the same time forgetting Carrie who loves him. She still loves him, even though he is crazy. No, not crazy, but schizophrenic.
     Famous smell crawled up his nose. It was from the cookies. They really were his favorite. Water filled his mouth, as he felt hungry. His efforts to let loose turned out to be useless. He couldn't break out. After an hour or so, Carrie showed up at the door. Her eyes were swollen and mascara a bit smeared, as so she had cried. She calmly sat on the red sofa, with a blank stare in her eyes. After a while, she left the room, and came back with a knife. She was walking towards helpless Nathan.
- Carrie? Please don't... Honey, if you say I'm schizophrenic, I believe you, just don't...
     She stood behind him, with tears in her eyes. This is it, he thought. The last second of my life. Killed by Carrie, because of Sabrina. My imaginary love. He could see her shadow, raising her hand. In a second she sliced the ropes, and... He felt them falling around his hands. He was free.
- Go! I can't take care of you, if you don't wanna help me... - Her voice trembled. 
     Nathan couldn't be more confused. He stood up, and looked her into eyes. She dropped the knife and broke out crying. 
- Just leave, please... I can't take it anymore.
     He walked over to the table and took the pill. He was slowly turning it around in his hand, deciding on what to do. He swallowed it. She had stopped crying, while looking at him, curiously. He sat on the sofa, and helped himself with the cookies.
- These really are my favorite. - He said with a constrained smile.
*      *      *
     There has been five years since the incident. Nathan vaguely remembers it. Two years ago, they had a daughter. They named her Eve. Carrie went to the doctors to get Eve vaccinated. He was supposed to trim the rose bush in the backyard. Nathan smiled as he took an orchid plant out of the trunk on his car. It's going to make Carrie so happy. It took him some time to find a perfect spot for the plant. Finally he decided. On his knees, with a small shovel in his hands, he started digging. He wasn't sure, if it were the pills, but he was happy, almost every second of the day. He made a another dig, and then heard a scratching sound. His shovel scratched something. Something white. As he continued to dig, a bone appeared. Must be from one of the dogs in the street. As he dug it out, he realized it was a hand. A human hand. There was a small golden ring on one of the fingers. Nathan was so fascinated by this discovery. He took the ring and looked it closely. It had something engraved in it, but he couldn't read it from all the dirt. He washed it in the sink. The ring was a regular wedding ring, similar to the one he had. The engraving froze him down, to the bones. It said: 
                                                                     To Sabrina, my love. Nathan.

© 2011 Misty_Prophet

Author's Note

Tell me do you understand the ending, and what really happened? I hope I did a good job at the end. Does Nathan's behavior seems unreal to you?

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I can't say I did understand the ending. I felt it had many of which I chose. A disturbing, suspense building read. Thankyou.

Posted 12 Years Ago

WOW! I understood the ending. The whole story right down to the ending was amazing!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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