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Kaede New Generations Prologue

Kaede New Generations Prologue

A Story by Crimson Profile

A prologue to a hopefully long lasting manga

Through all history it has been said that ever since mankind was born there have been a special few that were given extraordinary powers,like the powers to control space and time. No one besides these selected individuals know for what purpose they were given these powers,but one thing is for sure that one of these individuals will rise over the others and have the choice to improve the world for the better or plunge it into darkness. Will the lives that we have all come to know be changed ? Will the outcome come to haunt us or will it open a whole new generation for our people to live in peace.
In his run down home lies a boy who wonders what his life has in store.In his ragidy old clothes he leaves to the market unknowing of the adventure that undoubtedly awaits him... Kaede Hamaguchi.  

© 2010 Crimson Profile

Author's Note

Crimson Profile
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Hmpf, 30 views and not a single review? BAH!

This sounds interesting, having one person have the ability to better the world or ruin it? *shakes head* why didnt i think of that?
As i said in the last review i left you, only a few mistakes-run ons, grammar choppiness. Nothing that cant be fixed.

I find my self liking the tales you have...they all sound so interesting, and i would absolutly read it if and when it becomes a manga

Great job


Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 16, 2010
Last Updated on December 6, 2010
Tags: action, adventure, Japanese, supernatural, teen, competition, mankind, Kaede Hamaguchi


Crimson Profile
Crimson Profile

canton, OH

I'm Jeremiah Lee and I'm looking to become a mangaka and get published by a famous Japanese manga company.I write a lot of stories and poems. I take time to write my work to think things over.Most .. more..