Why a Wasp?

Why a Wasp?

A Story by Jess


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One day I was sitting alone in my room, I had the music blasting, my window open, and I was laying in my bed just relaxing since I had a hard day at work. I was singing to the music and hopped up out of bed to start dancing. I was twirling and twirling around my room, after all the dancing I fell on my bed and closed my eyes. After a few songs passed by, I turned my Ipod dock off so I could get peace and quiet and calm down a bit. So I turned the music off and laid on my bed for a few minutes, until all of the sudden I heard a buzz. It wasn’t any kind of buzz though, it was a LARGE buzz, a buzz that came from a big bug. I screamed and looked around until I knew what it was, until all of the sudden, on my mirror; I see a huge wasp just sitting there. I screamed and screamed for help, until I realized no one was even home. So I knew it was me against the wasp. Me killing or even coming anywhere NEAR a bug was impossible….. I didn’t want to get stung nor did I want it to land anywhere on any of my things. I looked at the giant yellow and black creature thinking how I could get rid of it. So I kept my eye on it for about ten minutes, until all of the sudden it took off and started flying. I almost peed my pants by how nervous I got. I was watching it fly around my room and it refused to land. I needed a way to get rid of this bug, and QUICK. I looked all around my room, while still keeping an eye on the bug, and saw my bottle of hairspray. I knew this would work. So I quickly ran to the bottle, picked it up, took the cap off and started spraying the bug. Just my luck, I have no hairspray left in the bottle, so I ran like a track star to my bed and kept watching the wasp fly around. It was on the ceiling now, making its way towards my computer screen. I got up, looked around, and then got a good idea. My shoe! I grabbed my old pair of shoes and tried hitting the wasp with them, wasp not dead! It flew away by the time I tried hitting it. I got so frustrated and started crying. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to go downstairs and wait until my mother got home to kill it because my luck, it would end up in my pillow or something. So I sat on my bed frozen because I didn’t want the wasp to come near me. I looked around for more ideas and finally remembered that I had a net in the back of my closet. So slowly, but quickly at the same time, I went to my closet, got my net and came out. By this time was looking around for the bee and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I started panicking because I knew it was probably in my bed or in my clothing. I looked and looked, but never found it. I started getting very u[set, so I took a few deep breaths, looked out my window, and what do you know, as I look up and see a BIG spider web, I also see the big wasp, stuck inside of it. I got so happy it was out of my room, I quickly shut my window and said to myself I will never open this window again….

© 2008 Jess

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