Not My Time

Not My Time

A Story by Jess


Imagine waking up, seeing your friends surrounding you, pretty happy scene huh? Well not for me, because in this case, I was tied up in a room and all my friends had weapons in their hands, which told me today was my day……
            It all happened the day before my birthday; I was lying in bed, smiling and happy because I knew I was turning 21 tomorrow. I lived alone in my apartment, I had friends over here and there, but I consider myself a loner because I usually just wanted to sit at home by myself and think about my future and all that other good stuff. As I was lying in my bed, I was thinking about going to the bar tomorrow and drink until I passed out, since I was legal! As I was thinking, I drifted off to lala land. That’s when the beginning of my life came to an end…..
            I woke up the next morning (or I thought it was) in a chair, tied up and blindfolded. I was scared at first but then heard one of my friends whispering, so I knew it was a joke for my birthday and I laughed to myself. I then said out loud, “yea yea guys, sing happy birthday to me, and let’s go party!” but the response I got was not what I expected. I heard my friend Jeff say “Today’s not your day.” I got a little tense, and told them to un blindfold me now! And they actually did, I looked around and saw all my friends, but to my surprise, they all had knives and blades in their hands. I got REALLY scared and asked what this was all about. No body answered me. I started crying because I was so upset that this didn’t even feel like a joke anymore. I was sitting there wondering weather to ask what’s going on, or just sit until they told me the joke was over. Right when I started to talk, my friend Michelle told me to shut up and let her talk. This is what she said, “listen, we all understand its your birthday, but you’re the only friend we all have that stays at home alone and never calls any of us. And, and then when you want to hangout, we all have to hop up and respond and go with you, were all sick of it. The world does NOT revolve around you, you’re the only friend we have that is a loner, and we don’t want to have you as a friend anymore.”
I sat there thinking, this better be a joke because it’s not my time yet. I said to all of them “What the hell does me wanting to be alone have anything to do with you guys KILLING me?!” they all looked at each other, and then my friend Todd said “we’ve had this planned for months, and it is going to happen today” I didn’t know what too do, I started to panic and try to get out of the chair, I shoke and shoke but nothing happened. As time went by with everyone saying what they had to say such as, “you’re not the only one on this world”, “loners deserve to die”, etc. I barely listened to any of them because I wanted to find a way to get out.
 Just then I looked down and saw a tie that I could undo without them noticing. As they held their weapons up I budged a little to get out, and all of the sudden, something happened that I never thought would happed to me anytime soon. They all looked at me trying to get out and escape and just then, I saw a bright light, and a door to come inside with flying white objects all around talking gently to me saying welcome…..

© 2008 Jess

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Allentown, PA

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