Somethings To Be Aren't Meant

Somethings To Be Aren't Meant

A Poem by Jester


My wings spread wide,

I prepare for flight,

What happens now

Will be my delight.


You stand nearby,

Watching, waiting,

Prepared to take the plunge,

If I take the devils baiting.


The wind blows by,

The crowd shifts below,

My heart is as tense

As the string of a bow.


The smog whips past me,

Rising from the steel beasts,

I look on in disgust,

This world will be Satan’s feast.


You move a bit closer,

I can almost feel your breath,

Our hearts beat faster,

Yours in fear of my death.


I look back for a moment,

Almost regretting,

Your hair is dyed a crimson red,

Reminds of times I’m forgetting.


Do you remember when we were young?

We said one day we’d rule the earth,

We’d be better than the best,

I look on naïve dreams with mirth.


I think for an instant

Should I go?

Jump to welkin?

I look down on the world, beneath my toe.


My eyes meet yours

For a single moment,

I turn to the vault of heaven,

Step past, something’s to be aren’t meant

© 2008 Jester

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"I turn to the vault of heaven,
Step past, something's to be aren't meant"
♥ that part :)

Posted 15 Years Ago

your way above my own talent, i can't even give you advise as to what to do better XD
its really visual, i love it. :)

Posted 15 Years Ago

WOW. Another critical piece. This reminds me of my poem "Before The End.." about a man who stands at the top of the building like this character and eventually jumps because he is sick of being denied by his society. I can see now, what kind of write you are. Raw, real, and straight to the point. I love that. The way that this character contemplated before they jumped made me feel for them a lot. I think I had already predicted the ending, but it made my adrenaline rush. It made me want to grab this character. Everyone is looking. Waiting. Scared. Hoping that this character doesn't jump. But 9 times out of 10. Most people will jump. I can safely say that I would jump.

Sometimes the feeling of no way out is so strong, it tears people up to the point of no return. I understand.
Powerful and overall, very raw. I loved every minute of it.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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