Let's Go Back

Let's Go Back

A Poem by Jester

something that I was discussing with Kantola...



Don’t you wish that we could go back?

Back to when bad things were just a dream,

We weren’t afraid of terrorists,

Or bombs,

Or drugs,

When politics were something that only parents and older siblings knew about,

When STD was just a group of letters,

When death,


Law suits,


Teen pregnancy,

Drop outs,



When it was all happening to someone else,

When it didn’t touch us,

In our safe little school.


Don’t you miss the times

When we could go anywhere,

Without being scared,



That maybe this time we wouldn’t come back.

Back when parents’ closed doors

Meant that they were doing something

Mushy and romantic

That the kids didn’t want to see.


Let’s go back to simpler times,

When we could play at recess,

And let our imaginations soar,

And transport us away from the world,

Back when everyone was special,

When everyone had a voice,

When popularity had none.


I miss those times,

The times I love,

Before complications and confusion,

When we knew exactly who we were,

What we were,

Our lives were perfect,

So let’s go back,

And forget the world,

Leave pain behind,

And become a child again.

© 2008 Jester

Author's Note

This is just something that I really wish I could do, to go back to when nothing mattered...

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good, but I would love to see the reasons why you can't go back. and what is one to do if they cant go back.
Its true that writing will raise questions for readers. But in the end the Author should answer those questions.
only then will your words have impact on poeple

Posted 15 Years Ago

I am all for that dream. I feel bad that my kids will never know such a time and place. Hopefully they can find equally happy memories when they get my age. I think this was very well said and I enjoyed reading it.

Posted 15 Years Ago

I would absolutely love to be a child again
when ppl kissed, i remember saying "EW!" and... i quote this from Fred Gets Babysat "Ew... she's holding hands with her boyfriend! Does she wanna get pregnant, or something?"
Yeah :) Wonderful poem, my friend! Being a child would be awesome to sleep again... oh, we forgot one: We didn't care about hygeine xD I remember those days *rofl*

Posted 15 Years Ago

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