A truly terrible man.

A truly terrible man.

A Chapter by Bee


The last words of a truly terrible individual.

I am sorry

I am sorry for aiding and abetting in the molding of this world, of the wrongs I have done, and the lies I have said.

NAME: Tysberious L. Jeklh

Our actions have caused many lives to be lost, families to be broken, faith and beliefs and all hope to have been morphed, or crushed. The world that once was, is no more. They chant about the love of their leaders, us, the people they have put all their faith in. In our world, there is no god in the sky, or heaven, there is only The Leaders. We are gods to them. We control their lives, deaths, everything.

Though the truth is: We are not gods. We are men of wealth, and power, told to be gods for these people. we can never be wrong to our people, we can say the sky is falling, and they will run underground, it is like we are the pied piper, and they are the rats who follow us about, mesmerized by the sounds of our music The music being the words of safety, and promises of a better life if they obey our words.

We are in total control.

 I am merely one part of the immense power over it.

POSITION: Oligarch

In the beginning, it had started out wonderful. People had begun to give themselves over to us as our faithful followers, and soon, all of America would be under our control. Those few who still rejected us were quickly disposed of, until finally, years later, we had total control. We kept the people quiet, and ignorant. Art was controlled, music was wordless, and only the books were written by us, or those closely watched by us. Creativity was killed to keep down the thoughts of change. Change was dangerous, bad, evil, thoughts to be locked away and never to be spoken of, not even by us, The Leaders, God’s. While art was controlled, Science and technology began to flourish. New weapons were created, power sources were found, and we were growing into the perfect utopia our forefathers could only dream of.

I ask you all for forgiveness. I have created such terrible ideas, and implanted them in all of your heads.

It had run that way for Sixty years before I had joined, replacing my father’s place after he had passed away, gaining the title of a god, and taking my seat with the others. I began as a simple boy, who had the same values and beliefs of those around me, obey The Leaders, the gods, Obey, do not question anything, and when I had joined them, those things I had learned soon meant nothing to me. I was a God. I had so many ideas, so many terrible idea’s the other had adored, such as limiting the number of children for poor families (which had meant killing pregnant mothers who exceeded the limit of children, ending the lives of the youngest child in large families, and those of new born babies), burning those things of the past that still stood as reminders of how terrible things had been, and re-inventing the games of rome, those being gladiator battles, men killing men for glory, and our own amusement.

I was a monster for the people.

             Please forgive, for the sins I have committed.

I did not know the wrongs I had been doing,

I did not know the apocalypse I would soon bring.

A few years ago, I proposed a truly terrible thing. While watching the globe on my table spin, round and round, glorifying the thoughts and memories of the things I had so recently done, how the world obeyed our every word, the realization had hit me: the whole world was not ours. We simply grasped a continent on the globe. I remember walking my fingers on the globe, marking the places that simply weren’t ours, and hating every bit of it.

We decided it was high time to take it all,

           Or destroy every bit we did not own.

In the end we succeeded, only, not the way we had hoped for.


A war had begun. A war our ancestors would have begun, for land, control, supplements, at the time we thought we were doing something better and greater of our forefathers, but in all truth, we were simply repeating history.

Threats of nuclear war began to rise from the surrounding countries. We had the chance to warn our people, to tell them the seriousness of the situation, but instead, we agreed to keep them blissfully ignorant, told them it wasn’t anything too serious. We could control it.

How many of them now are completely erased from existence?

How many are dead from our mistakes?


We dropped the bombs first, devastating our enemy’s homes greatly, though, not as greatly as we hoped. They were capable of dropping a nuclear bomb on us as well. The effects were devastating.

While hiding underground, in a burrow my followers had made for me, I discovered a book, a great book, thick and black with a strange shape, like a ‘T’ on the front. In it, I learned the truth, and now, Dear lord, I beg you for forgiveness. I deserve punishment, I deserve suffering, I deserve everything this book threatens you will deal.

Forgive me.


I am the last of the leaders.

My hair has fallen out completely,

My stomach is caved in,

 And each breath a take feels as if it is breaking my own lungs.

 My legs will no longer work, and I sit at the desk that was once my brothers, who now lies in a pile of ash beside me on the floor. The beautiful utopia I had once known, created, is gone. All I see is death and destruction.

We had made so many mistakes, we lost so many things.


To those who find these, my last thoughts, confession, I am sorry. I was a wrong, ignorant man. I had caused the end of the world, and as I lay suffering (no more than I’m sure you do), I can only think my apologies.


            My brain feels as it is dripping out of my ear. Oh god.

Please save me from this pain.

I was merely a man placed in shoes too big for me to fill.

The other day I felt my own bones begin to disintegrate.

I cannot be blamed for the job I had been given.

This is the hell the book with the ‘T’ shape speaks of.

My heart is going to explode.

I have sinned.

I deserve this hell.

My end is near.

Forgive me.

© 2011 Bee

Author's Note

Im sorry if it looks a little wonky, on Microsoft document it was much more organized, but this site has it's limits on how small or big it can be.

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