The first time I saw Jade

The first time I saw Jade

A Poem by wandering daughter

The first time I saw Jade, she was wearing an old ladies dress
It was all wrinkled and dirty, but somehow she looked the best
She would hide her face behind long brown hair
But not because she was ashamed or scared 
She was only so humble, and felt so small 
just happy to be there at all.

The first time I saw Jade, she laughed like she was mad. 
And people were looking as if she was sick in the head. 
And when one boy asked her if she was even in the band
She just smiled polite, nodding her head. 
Just happy to be there
Just happy to be there 

I said I would like to be a musician like you
Jade said: but you already are,
you’re a musician too. 

The first time I saw Jade, I asked: was this your dream? 
She said the thing is once you have, it is never what it seemed. 
I don’t try to be a star, I just wanna be a singer
I don’t care about being pretty, funny or thinner
She and her friends would drink the night away 
and the next morning they would still sound great
Her life is crazy but the songs are amazing
Oh yes her life is crazy but the songs, they are amazing

You told me everything happens for a reason Jade,
then why did those people died in belgium yesterday?
You could see her confusion, quickly looking away 
stumbling on words she didn’t dare to say.
The last time I saw Jade, her eyes had turned grey
And when her smile was gone, only tears remained
My words weren’t meant to bring her down
But she sunk so low that she touched the ground. 
And when I saw her heart caving in
My heart was caving in. 
When I saw her heart caving in
I felt my heart was caving in

The first time I saw Jade was the last time I saw jade. 

Jitske Boscha  ©2012

© 2013 wandering daughter

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It really is a true talent to be able to really touch your readers through creative word flow. I definitely had to reread it because I didn't want it to end. Awesome. Just, awesome. (:

Posted 8 Years Ago

wandering daughter

8 Years Ago

wow, such a compliment! thanks a lot.
oh that really touched me. What a heartfelt, sad poem. it flows very well and the rhyming is good. I didn't expect the turn at the end at all.
Brilliant writing, thank you for sharing. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

wandering daughter

8 Years Ago

Thank you very much!

8 Years Ago

you're most welcome :)

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wandering daughter
wandering daughter


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